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17°C is the new warm

Posted on: January 22, 2010

today, i went to class with just a t-shirt underneath my normal parka =w= in the middle of winter.

it doesn’t quite feel like winter to me yet, even though it’s already january now. maybe it’s the lack of snow…

but i digress.

what i wanted to talk about today was the weather. yes, the weather. it was 17°C today when i went for class (hence the thin layer of clothing) and i am amazed at myself for thinking, “wow it’s warm today.”

whatever happened to the blistering heat of malaysia?! at this rate, i am going to die when i go home hahah!

i think it was the fact that it was 3°C the day before, and then below 2°C after nightfall almost every night, that made me think that 17°C is warm. being here has made my perception of “hot” all messed up now hahah! anyway, now it’s back to 7°C now as i type and i can hear the wind howling (literally) and my windows are vibrating a little due to the sheer force of it. scary as it may sound, i actually find it quite soothing. the whirring wind that comes and goes ocassionally throughout the night that reminds me that no matter what, something is happening in the world outside even as i sleep and dream of things that will never come true.

i’m going to miss the wind in japan when i go home! 😦


2 Responses to "17°C is the new warm"

i understand how u will feel…
when i’m back from Japan, the one thing that i miss the most is the toilet! heated seats!
then i miss the weather in Japan…
then i miss seeing or hearing Arashi’s songs everywhere, whether walking on the street, at the radio or on the tv…
how i miss Japan… would definitely go back someday….
Save money!

I KNOW!! I went out in shorts today, with no stockings!! XD

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