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Posted on: January 17, 2010

i went out to shibuya yesterday with azrie to have some sushi for lunch :3 the au poster has been taken down but now there’s a nice big poster of tokujou kabachi!! it’s so sad that i won’t be around in japan when ooku and gantz comes out T_T i want to stay in japan forever!!!

my new toy ♥ i’ve been wanting one for ages and since the mp3 software for my japanese cellphone doesn’t work with my laptop, i figured, “why not?” i wanted to get the sony ericsson one because i’m not a big fan of mac but i can’t, because it’s made for japanese computers 😦 this is the newest from the ipod nano series. i bought the 8gb version for 14,800円

i bought a classic black one because they don’t have a red one, and then bought a red case for it ♥ it looks tough enough to withstand the impact if i ever dropped it ^^ i really wanted to name it kazu but because my hard drive is already named kazu, i named it kazu II (couldn’t think of any other names). now i’ve finally thought of a name and i don’t know how to rename it ;_; how stupid am i?! i want to name it kouichi, after nino‘s character in ryuusei no kizuna. somebody tell me how to rename it! thank you angel hahah! i keep right-clicking that it didn’t occur to me that i could technically rename it by double-clicking instead =w=;;

;w; i can finally listen to arashi (other than on my laptop)! i LOVE how the album cover is displayed… i wonder how it works? because i want the cover for each album to be displayed but it only works for certain albums, hmm… figured it out!!!

i especially love the album cover for my girl! it looks awesome on the ipod ♥

i uploaded all my favourite pvs into it too >w<

AND it comes equipped with a videocamera function!!! not that i’ll ever use it, but i just wanted to show how stupidly excited i am over things like these =w=

i bought the 8gb version because it’s cheaper and i didn’t think i would ever need that much storage, but when i came back and uploaded all my crap into it, i realized just how MUCH arashi i have…

edit : i’ve been playing with it all day and i figured out another awesome feature :

★☆★☆ *tears of joy*


4 Responses to "new toy"

lol!! 😄

wow 14,800yen for 8GB is quite cheap actually. and don’t underestimate your fangirl love ok!! my entire ayu collection (just mp3, no videos!) goes up to 10GB already lol!! ❤

you have itunes, right? you can rename the ipod from the itunes screen. 😉

I was at the place they were filming Gantz the other day 😀 Shinjuku 3-chome is going to be in it!

The album covers only work for songs that have the covers embedded in them, and songs that you rip from the original CD 😀

T______________________________T NINO

forever in japan? same sentiments.. xD

i am so pissed with ohoku’s screening date. WHY?! TTT-TTT

also, this post makes me want to buy an ipod as well.. but then, i just, can’t because tokyo and arashi makes me so poor i can’t afford anything else that’d sustain my happiness. then again, i want to buy an ipod to listen to arashi on-the-go so.. hahaha.

the red case is cool!! and i think i’m in love with sawano hiroyuki right now. he composed for ‘maou’ and or ‘ryuusei..’ too, i think. he is my next hisaishi joe. ❤

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