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明治神宮と原宿 meiji jingu and harajuku

Posted on: January 9, 2010

went out to harajuku with tsu at 8:30 to get a time slip to enter the johnny’s shop and was rewarded with this =w=

it was so bizzare to see nobody at harajuku. but of course, it’s too early and all the shops are not open except for the idol shops…

after buying my photos, we went to 明治神宮 meiji jingu for a third new year’s visit lol

it’s weird how normally people never wash their hands at the shrine, but all of them crowd around to do so during their new year’s visit haha!

it was already the 8th day of the new year and yet there are so many people visiting!!!

amulets, good luck charms and the like

i think one of the reasons why so many people came to visit today was because the weather was so good

as you can see, i really like this outfit ♥

^o^ hi there

in line to toss my coin into the coinbox and pray for what i pray for at every shrine i go to

yet another line. people lining up to buy their fortunes

wrote my wishes for the year and dropped them into the box

bad luck? no worries, just leave them at the shrine to be purified!

i bought two pairs of shoes today as well ♥

today’s happiness. i need an album now. they used to sell albums at previous concerts, but not anymore, why T_T a 5×10 album would be AWESOME ♥

i’m actually watching 最後の約束 saigo no yakusoku right now as i blog and it was just revealed who the terrorists are. i am beyond shocked right now, my brain is not working and i have no words to say o_o

oh well maybe i do have a few words :



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