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大阪でのお正月 new year’s in osaka

Posted on: January 7, 2010

i was in osaka, at my host family’s house from the 28th of december till the 3rd of january! spending one whole week in a japanese household was a real eye-opener, especially since it was new year’s as well. it’s hard to blog about each day that i was there so i’m just going to summarize my one week in osaka in one entry! >w< ♥

my room for the whole week i was there ^^

dining room

the genkan, or entrance of the house

this shot represents the ideal japanese winter

the kitchen

the sunroom

front gates which are never locked

i really need a full-length mirror in my house next time

sakura ^^ she’s really obedient!

okaasan and otousan chatting on new year’s eve :3 otousan enjoys a glass of beer =w= okaasan, on the other hand, was busy preparing the new year decorations…

hiro with his own personal new year mochi

i bought this cute outfit from odaiba on christmas eve! i really like it~ it gives off a “my girl” vibe >w<

we watched kouhaku together in the dining room on new year’s eve ♥ it was a really great one this year!!! lots of my favourite artists performed, and i got to listen to a lot of new songs as well ♥ as usual, arashi was amazing >w< i'm so proud of them! their red outfits before their performance was super cute as well!

off to the shrine on the night of new year’s eve! we went there right after kouhaku was over because we didn’t want to be caught in a long line, but it seems like our fears were for nothing…

because it was so cold and the wind was so strong that nobody (sane) would come to the shrine! there WAS a line, but okaasan said it has never been this short before…

i prayed for… you know what, and then went back home after accepting some new year sake from otousan, who was helping out at the shrine

happy new year!!! the next morning, we all sat down at about 10am to have “おせち料理 osechiryouri,” traditional (and expensive) japanese new year food! this would be seabream

one of the boxes prepared by okaasan

my table setting, with a lucky charm arrow from the shrine… a present from otousan!

we had 3 boxes from a traditional japanese restaurant too, because otousan wanted to try it lol

my chopsticks case, with my name written on it in calligraphy by okaasan

after eating, we went through the whole thick stack of “年賀状 nengajou” (japanese new year postcards) that was bundled up neatly by the postman and delivered in the morning, complete with a greeting card from oguri shun!

i was pleasantly surprised to see the boys in the papers on new year’s day! *o*

a whole two-page spread!

at night, i tried drawing new year cards because okaasan was writing hers to reply those that she received… i never knew tigers were so easy to draw!

on the 2nd day of new year, i received a present from okaasan ^^ an incense pouch to go with my kimono!

all bundled up in my furisode and ready to go to the shrine with otousan! i love this furisode so much *O* it’s been in the family for generations!

in front of the train to the city >w< the cutest train ever!

at すみよしたいしゃ sumiyoshi taisha in osaka

with okaasan. she was supposed to come along but then she had to stay back to look after obaachan

with otousan who was trying to look like the godfather

on the last day, we had guests (relatives, actually) so we had a tea ceremony. here i am, helping to grind the green tea powder

then i changed into kimono for the tea ceremony!

wagashi, traditional japanese sweets to go with the thick, green tea

there was a cute tiger-shaped sweet too >w< so adorable! i bit his head off in the first 2 seconds i got my hands on it though…

with okaasan ^^ i was really happy when she commented, “it’s like i have another daughter!”

with both of them

nabe (hotpot… like malaysian steamboat <3) at night with everyone!

it was a grand spread >w< i had the chance to taste ootoro as well!! WHICH WAS AWESOME *O*

their grandson, oozora-kun. he keeps looking at me and smiling >w<;; it was like deja vu because the same thing happened with my cousin from sabah too…

with haru, okaasan’s second daughter. she’s not married yet so she lives nearby ^^ she’s an esthetician! i got a free treatment session from her ♥

before i took the night bus back to tokyo, they took me to the ritz-carlton in osaka for drinks and to listen to some jazz music

it was a really fun and relaxing week! i felt really at home, and they were all so nice to me! i don’t think i could have spent my new year’s here in japan in any other way but this ♥


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I really love your photos and comments, they are all very interesting, i am just in love with Japan and its culture! keep up good work!

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