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新宿山手七福神めぐり shinjuku yamanote 7 lucky gods tour

Posted on: January 5, 2010

right after coming back from osaka, i took a bath and proceeded to dress up in kimono to go around the shrines with angel!

kagurazaka, my favourite place in tokyo. it makes me happy to see such a big arashi poster next to the nino one from haikei, chichiue-same ♥♥♥

lining up to pray at bishamonten

poster for the 7 lucky gods tour

the map for the tour… it looks so easy in the drama but when we try to do the same thing on foot… it’s really tiring! the last two shrines especially, since it’s out of the way so we had to take trains!

a wishing board that started out with “拝啓、嵐様” (dear arashi-sama), a play on nino‘s drama, “拝啓、父上様” (dear father) that was filmed here

lol someone is wishing her wish of marrying nino will come true XD i want to wish for the same thing too!

here we go! shrine #1 : bishamonten, dedicated to the god of the same name, the god of warriors

lunch 🙂


shrine #2
kyououji dedicated to daikokuten, god of wealth, commerce and trade

shrine #3
itsukushima jinja dedicated to benzaiten, goddess of knowledge, art & beauty

at each shrine, you pay 600円 to get a statue and have the priest write down the name of the shrine in calligraphy

shrine #4
eifukuji dedicated to fukurokujou, god of happiness, wealth & longevity

a random obaasan stopped us suddenly and told us that she’d take a photo for us lol. random much?

paper bag

shrine #5
houzenji dedicated to juroujin, god of longevity

whenever in doubt, follow the yellow flags, and red-and-white banners with black calligraphy writing!

shrine #6
taisouji dedicated to hotei, god of abundance and good health

shrine #7
kiou jinja, dedicated to ebisu, god of fishers and merchants

finally finished collecting all the names on the calligraphy board!

^o^ yay! they’re all together finally!

it was really tiring but fun! we took too much time dressing up and started out late, so by the last 2 shrines we were running (plus we took the wrong train and went way past our station) because the shrines were supposed to close at 5pm so we were worried about not being able to finish on time!

it was fun taking photos by numbering them with our fingers too! ♥ did you realize that i was doing it???

the boat of fortune is now on top of my tv, with all the 7 lucky gods aboard ☆ i hope i’ll have good luck for the whole year and that my wish of watching arashi in concert at least once more before i leave japan will come true!


5 Responses to "新宿山手七福神めぐり shinjuku yamanote 7 lucky gods tour"

Wow! That looks like an awesome tour! Wish I could do the same tour as well.

May all your wishes be granted! 😀

wah i didn’t realise!

hahaha i bet you scrolled back up to check right?!


i only found out about this because nino did the same tour in “haikei” ❤

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