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明けましておめでとう happy new year

Posted on: January 1, 2010

a happy new year to everyone!
may the year 2010 be a fulfilling, prosperous new year for you ♥

this year, my new year was spent in japan, with my host family :3 after eating soba, we sat around the dining hall watching kouhaku, eating rice crackers and drinking hot tea. arashi was awesome as usual ♥ ^^ i’m so proud of them!!! that must have been the fastest costume change i’ve ever seen >w<

i went to the shrine just now with okaasan and haru (her daughter), to pray and receive the new year sake from otousan, who’s helping out at the shrine. it was freezing outside!!! and tomorrow, we’ll eat osechi ryouri (japanese new year food) together ♥ after that, change into kimono and visit a bigger shrine >w< i can’t wait!!!

please take care of me this year too!


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