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聖夜のお台場 odaiba on christmas eve

Posted on: December 27, 2009

on the morning of christmas eve, i stopped by the newly-renovated shrine near my dorm to check out the new year market 🙂

mochi, or glutinous rice for new year’s celebration

because 2010 is the year of the tiger, there were lots of tiger stuff on sale too :3

a new, modern twist on an old, traditional… thing. they had a machine that reads palms and have your results up on the computer screen =w= i am constantly amused by the many things i see here in japan lol

after that we headed towards odaiba! my second time at fujiTV, and i was tempted to buy this adorable eyeball-shaped mochi >w< from the ge ge ge no kitaro series

a new corner! nodame cantabile goods!

sunset in odaiba. my second sunset in a row for the week

the new vs arashi display ♥

random cup noodle photo hahah… fujiTV is filled with quirky stuff

a beautiful day… the weather was awesome!

the stairs leading towards aqua city was lighted-up and if you look at it from afar, it looks like a christmas tree!

christmas lights

awesome backdrop! lots of couples were lining up to take photos here hahah =w=

rainbow bridge, statue of liberty and tokyo bay!

all is still and peaceful on the waterfront of tokyo bay

close-up of rainbow bridge and tokyo tower

after a while, the lights all started to light up!

breathtaking! ♥

as oh-chan would say… 絶好調超!♥

after the light show, i turned my camera to night-view mode to see how the photos would turn out…

🙂 i could look at this forever… but the malls are calling to me! last-minute christmas sales!

dinner at goemon 🙂 after eating, we went on a shopping spree!!! i got a snuggly red-and-black plaid parka from gap, since it was 50% off ♥


1 Response to "聖夜のお台場 odaiba on christmas eve"

<3<3 your blogs haha although this one killed my computer because of the *beautiful* pictures.. =')

it was a nice time in odaiba! spent loads because you tell me to buy stuff haha. nevertheless, it was fun! again, thank you!!

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