l'isle joyeuse

お天道様の誕生日 birthday of the sun

Posted on: December 24, 2009

happy birthday, aiba-chan!!!

every time i look at you, i can’t help but smile! your happiness is infectious – whenever i feel down all i have to do is listen to your laughter, the corner of your eyes crinkling up, and i always feel like the world is a brighter place. the gap between your childlike innocence and naivety, as well as the humorously lewd side of you, is too amazing!!! the way you dance during concerts, with your long, graceful limbs, that exudes sensuality that even you don’t notice. the way your voice sounds all husky and soft, with a touch of hesitance, when you sing (especially in snowflake!). you have not changed one bit since your debut 10 years ago, and i wish you would never, ever change.

really great timing, because since it’s christmas eve the selection of cakes are cuter than usual

the brightest smile in the world

thank YOU for making my day, every day.


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