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Posted on: December 19, 2009

went to picadilly at shinjuku to meet up alicia for the nodame cantabile movie!

🙂 my first movie experience in japan!

^o^ the pamphlets and tickets! ♥

the movie was really good! so refreshing to see nodame again after more than one year ^o^ the sound system in japan‘s cinemas… REALLY awesome *o* more leg space as well… we get to use blankets, and children who are too small to see over the seats in front of them can get high cushions so they can watch the movie… all free of charge! we clean up after ourselves too 🙂 that means bringing the popcorn boxes, snack packets and drink bottles out the exit to throw them away (separately!). and the seat in front of us, has a hook for you to hang your shopping bags and stuff. so useful!

the awesome goods ♥ ! i swear, they have goods for every single movie and event in japan! that’s how they make all their money!

♥ being the nodame fan that i am… i couldn’t resist! i got a movie pamphlet, bag charm (which i really, really love, because it looks really classy and beautiful), a pair of handphone straps and the knitted cherry brooch that nodame wears.

we went to the au kddi designing park again hahah! why do i keep returning there?!

we can take free purikura at the au place too!

and now i have 3 nice photos for kp :

the cute lismo squirrel plushie ♥

the one thing i like about japan is that they really love the changing seasons! depending on the season, they change the packaging of goods, designs of paper and plastic bags, decorations, you name it, they change it.

more purikura!!! i ♥ harajuku!!!

after harajuku, i went to kinokuniya with abby to get a moleskine for my travels outside tokyo since the one kp gave me was a tokyo citybook.

japan is also a country that is always thinking of the handicapped people 🙂

a new friend! abby from the philippines, who is not only an arashi fan but also lives in my dorm!


5 Responses to "gyabo!!!"

i want my blogging self to come back!!!

in other things.. KISARAZU~!!


you’re so lucky to watch the nodame in Japan’s cinema…
and the goodies….i love them all!!!!!!
wish i could be there to but some of the movie’s stuffs

heehee, too many arashi fans!!

ayu needs more love lol!! ^^

don’t worry angel! i hear you’d become one too soon!! hurry, the arashi display is just up to the end of the month!


I miss crepe T__________T

nodame cantabile~~ T______________T nice?

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