l'isle joyeuse

can you hear the sleighbells ringing?

Posted on: December 18, 2009

christmas is around the corner and you can feel it in the air here in japan. i received a christmas chocholate from naru-chan today, and it was delicious! cookies ‘n’ cream is the best flavour in the world ♥

also, congratulations to the boys for being the first group to top 4 separate categories in the oricon charts ♥♥♥ !!! they deserve it! i do wish they’d take some time off to rest though… 😦 i’m really happy to be an arashi fan ;w; i remember back in 2000 when i first heard of them. i was reluctant to like them in the beginning, going “no no no, i must stay old school and listen to v6 and winds!” but as we all know, arashi is too awesome to NOT be liked ♥ and 9 years later, here i am, still very much in love with them, with all my heart and soul soul! (sorry, i couldn’t resist XD) their songs just makes me so happy and positive, and there’s so much FEELINGS in the lyrics that i can’t help but want to make a scrapbook album with all my favourite lines and phrases from their songs *happy sigh*

i can’t imagine life without them now 😦

finally, the nodame cantabile movie will be on the big screen in cinemas nationwide ♥ i’ll be watching it in shinjuku with alicia 😀


2 Responses to "can you hear the sleighbells ringing?"

THEY GOT TOP!!!!!!!!!!

I saw a super mario brothers ad and display back here in Australia and nearly cried…cos i heard the music and turned excitedly.. and NO NINO!!!

i jave cheered music up by looking at the new non no scans… SO AWESOME!

the last line is meant to read

‘ i have cheered up myself by…”

autocorrect fail…

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