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another day in harajuku

Posted on: December 14, 2009

my little piece of happiness

i love you guys so much >w< thank you, this made my day!!!

winter is here and while i can’t really feel it yet, the elephants outside the pharmacies do.

i went to harajuku with angel this morning because she wanted to get tickets and after she left to go watch her one piece movie, i went to the kddi design park again since i had nothing to do.

probably the most photographed bath tub in the world

the laptops there were all playing arashi‘s best album lol

i participated in the stamp rally but only managed to get a packet of tissues lol (why does this so remind me of yamada taro monogatari???)

there was a small booth where you can take a picture of your face, and the software matches you to a job which you are most suited to (based on how you look like)

my results : campaign girl. your face is that of a campaign girl’s! it stands out in a single instant just with one look! a smile is your standard look. when your eyes meet the camera, you naturally smile into it, right!?

i kind of agree hahah! second was “artist” and third was “web designer.” i love how japan has all these cool things :3

it’s been a while since my last self-cam so here you go!

i took a photo again and posted it this time ^o^ look at all the arashi love!

i found the most awesome thing in one of the idol shops, but let’s talk about it some other time… for now, here’s a christmas crepe 🙂



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