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あぁ、さよならじゃないよね、また会えるから it’s not goodbye, because we’ll meet again

Posted on: December 13, 2009

i went to keikarou again on saturday with bec, since it was her last day in japan. the shop opens at 11:00 am – we arrived at 10:00am and there was already a line hahah! we were lucky to arrive early, so we went in with the first batch of customers >w<

i wore my green komon again 🙂 i wanted to wear my new yellow one but since it’s aiba-chan‘s place…

bec! i miss you and our morning talks XD

there was a new display item up – an adorable display from the my girl drama!

*O* i can eat these everyday!

we both ordered one of the set meals, it came with soup, rice, 3 dishes and dessert.

蒸し鳥の胡麻味噌かけ steamed chicken with miso-sesame sauce

えび玉 prawn with eggs

鳥肉とカシューナッツ炒め chicken with cashew nuts. I SO LOVE THIS OKAY. THE MEAT IS ALL TENDER AND ZOMG ;w;

杏仁トーフ almond-jelly tofu

we forgot dessert was included in the set and ordered strawberry sherbet as well lol XD we were stuffed when we were finished… i felt so bad because i didn’t finish the eggs 😦

self-cam picture in the mirror of the washroom at bec‘s hotel. yes, that’s glass behind us, and yes you can see practically the whole of shinjuku from the washroom. the most awesome washroom i’ve ever been in to.

our final photo together for this time… there will be another time, promise!!! ❤

i hope you enjoyed your trip in japan! it was a really memorable time for me as well, and i will never forget our amazing experience forever!!! looking forward to seeing you again!!! lifelong friends, because?

life is

life is

life is wonderful


3 Responses to "あぁ、さよならじゃないよね、また会えるから it’s not goodbye, because we’ll meet again"



*prays realllly hard*

its about 40 degrees here!!!

hi! i’m arashi fans too!! so glad that i come to ur blog :D..
how long have u been in japan?
i really want to go to keikarou.. but i’m afraid i’ll lost xD..
it looks like a nice place in ur photos..
anw, nice to know u! 😀

thanks for dropping by! i’m glad you enjoyed reading.
keikarou is really easy to find as long as you follow the map you won’t get lost.

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