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Posted on: December 11, 2009

on arashi high >w< (hence the title of this post. a hug to those who get what i'm trying to say XD). the happiness lingers and i felt like this week went past REALLY fast! O_O

something that caught my eye in picaso 😀 not that i eat anything spicy, but i doubt it’s as spicy as they claim it to be (based on what i’ve seen so far here lol)

all the autumn leaves are falling fast… winter is finally here 🙂 i can’t wait for winter holiday to come.

vanessa, wait patiently for your birthday present!!!


4 Responses to "still…"

Oh Still… Just like you, I’m still on Arashi high. 😀 That song was playing at this store called Tokyo Treasure Island when Arashi was having their concert at Tokyo Dome a few steps away! I guess I will forever associate that song with my fervent wish to see an Arashi concert myself!

I love the colors of autumn! I’m back at my country and while I’m glad I’m back home, I still miss Japan a lot. 🙂

Please keep posting your beautiful pics. 🙂

wow…the beef jerky LOOKS really really spicy! 😛 wish i could taste how spicy it is…haha

btw, the second picture looks awesome!

miss you so much…


sudden death sauce, bu tengu brand. LOL!! XD

i know right?!?!

hahah you finally showed yourself!!! ❤

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