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Posted on: December 7, 2009

[insanely long post, read at your own risk]

ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10
2009.12.5 – 2009.12.6

i can finally say i have no regrets now… i can’t believe i was lucky enough to attend an arashi concert for TWO days. granted, it was insanely expensive (and i can’t believe i actually bought them) and probably the most expensive thing i’ll EVER buy in my entire life, but NO REGRETS. AT. ALL. it was SO worth it ;w; ♥

on saturday morning, i went to tokyu hands with bec to get another uchiwa plus some glow-in-the-dark stuff to use on our uchiwas

then we went up to bec‘s hotel room to complete our uchiwas… these are mine on one side. the one on the left says “i came from malaysia” and the other one is “please teach me magic!” 🙂 i’m so proud of the poker card i made

the other side!!!

i ♥ NINO

the view from bec‘s room – awesome! you can see kokuritsu really clearly and a bit of tokyo dome as well

and we’re off for the best night of our lives!!

when we reached, i felt so HAPPY that we decided to get the concert goods on friday night because the line was INSANE. there were two booth areas and the main one was looking really scary O_O it stretched out all over the place and it’s all looped up! i tried taking a photo of how awesome it was but photos can NOT do it justice. but i’ll try :

from waaaaaaaay up back…

go on…

and on… that little loop on top shows that there was a pedestrian bridge like thing there O_O WHUT?!

and it doubles up like a really, REALLY long snake

and yes, according to the man with the megaphone, minimum waiting time in line was 3 hours

it was raining while we were waiting for them to open the gates and practically freezing our butts off so i was really glad when they let us in early by half an hour =w= i was so nervous and paranoid that they were gonna tell me my ticket was cancelled but thankfully it all went smoothly~

we weren’t allowed to take photos but… XD our view on saturday. ARENA. YES. it was block e (the last block) BUT we were right next to the hanamichi railings where they come past on their carts. i couldn’t believe how lucky we were!!! on the other side of us was the back stage and the moving stage zooms right past ♥

hiro accompanying mummy to the concert

it was so awesome ;w; my first ever arashi concert!!! it started a bit after 6pm, and when all the lights went down suddenly, the whole dome went crazy waving their penlights, it was so beautiful! ;w; they started with kansha kangeki ame arashi but instead of riidaa saying his lines, they started with the chorus, a capella style! i got goosebumps all over! they came out on a huge balloon up the top of the dome and came down at the back stage! they were above us, nino being the closest >w<

set list

kansha kangeki ame arashi
lucky man
kaze no mukou e
we can make it!
crazy moon ~kimi wa muteki~
pika☆nchi (aiba solo)
kokoro chirari
carnival night part 2
kotoba yori taisetsu na mono (nino solo)
hitomi no naka no galaxy
aozora pedal
typhoon generation
kumori nochi kaisei (ohno solo)
a day in our life
hadashi no mirai
oh yeah!
step and go!
beautiful days
tomadoinagara (sho solo)
wish (jun solo)
boku ga boku no subete
attack it
ashita no kioku
sunrise nippon
kimi no tame ni boku ga iru
nice na kokoro iki
kotoba yori taisetsu na mono
sakura sake
kitto daijoubu

encore 1 :
pika☆nchi double
ashita ni mukatte
dekiru dake

encore 2 :
fight song
gori muchuu

encore 3 :
my girl

encore 4 : (last day only)

the whole set was really well planned and there were no weird waiting or intervals in between at all!!! i’m really impressed with the whole performance. fireworks, explosions, fire balls, water fountains, lasers, you name it.i love the screens as well! they were so beautiful i was torn between looking at the screen and at them. i love their costumes, especially the red one and the colourful one they wore after a.ra.shi (raincoats!!!). i love how they all match, but they are not all dressed in the same thing. for the pink costume, i loved how they were so distinctively personal – jun had a scarf stuffed into the front of his jacket, riidaa had an untied tie hung around his dress shirt (so sexy *O*), sho-chan and aiba-chan had ties and nino had a thin black RIBBON ♥ the small, subtle things that proves how their personalities show up through their costumes!!!

crazy moon was really good. the dancing was PERFECT ☆ and on the second day nino attacked riidaa‘s butt when he walks past behind him XD after that it was aiba-chan‘s solo, and i have to say this is probably one of the best solos in the concert. i was really sceptical about it since i heard people saying it doesn’t work on him, but it DOES. i like how they changed it from a really noisy song into a sort of military-sounding one, with all the juniors on military drums. the choreography was very sexy and i love how he sang it in a low, gruff way, close to a growl ♥

nino‘s solo ♥♥♥ he was sexy~ hahah! what else can i say?! no mistakes, and on the saturday when he was singing the first verse he winked while he was singing. i love his outfit! red looks really good on him, and i love how he always wears those skinny ties and pants with buttons down the side… very uniform-like ♥

everything was really good as well! i’m really glad they decided to sing the full version so i could hear nino‘s solo part ♥ it was an orchestral version, with strings and everything. the screens were sort of telling a story, with random images of tokyo during sunset and shadows, and at the second verse, during each member’s solo, they had them projected over the image of a sunset, and it ended with a shot of tokyo dome during sunset.

ohmiya fanservice during hitomi no naka no galaxy! on saturday nino let his hand creep up over riidaa‘s shoulder and then by the end of his line, he grabs him 😀 on sunday he just… molested riidaa‘s butt all the while when riidaa was singing his part XD

riidaa was really cute during his solo in his uta no oniisan costume. they brought out big floating balloons and a cute sun and moved it along with the moving stage >w< on sunday he messed up on the lyrics and said, "ah, i messed up!" while laughing and continued singing. i love the little skip he does whenever he goes off backstage, regardless if it was a mistake or not XD

this is probably the first time i ever liked sho-kun‘s solo. he sang a light hip hop version of tomadoinagara in a green hoodie. i thought it was very like him 🙂 i didn’t like jun‘s solo that much though 😦 it seemed a bit over the top but oh well it IS marvelous matsumoto we’re talking about here…

ATTACK IT! was too awesome for words. we were all shouting along and jumping along, you could feel the whole dome practically SHAKE O_O i love this song to pieces, it’s one of the best songs to perform in a concert (next to oh yeah! that song made my arm felt as though it’s falling off). truth was perfect, with fireballs, lasers and red lights. plus our penlights were all red, so it had a really strong maou-like atmosphere ♥ i wish they’d sing the full version though!

i must admit i cried during ashita no kioku ;_; the photo montage was so beautiful. their baby pictures came on one by one, after a huge recent photo of each member while the spotlight shines on them. it was really touching, at the end they put a photo of them on their debut, on the cruiser in hawaii during sunset.

for their singles’ medley they had the title of the song and the year it was released when each song was playing on top of the huge screen in the middle, and they had the original pv for the song played on separate screens, so you can basically watch the pv and them singing live at the same time! it ended with believe with all the special effects! the laser effects were really beautiful, together with the water fountains! *O*

i cried during 5×10 (sunday) as well ;o; the tears were just welling up in my eyes but once they reached the climax, all the music went off, they held the note for a really long time, the lights all went off save for the spotlight shining on them, and when they continued, all the shining, sparkly stars came out from the center stage surrounding them, and i couldn’t help it. i just couldn’t. the two women next to me were crying as well! (we talked quite a bit before the concert and then we exchanged contacts ^o^ they were so awesome, i was fangirling, screaming, singing and jumping with the woman next to me the whole time) bec was strong enough not to cry but i could see that her eyes were really watery.

the encores were really fun, but i loved how they played around with their lines instead of singing them XD especially nino‘s first line, and riidaa‘s off-key wailing ♥ (they make him do it again at the end, which made all of us really happy!) jun was really cute and hyper the two days that i went – on saturday he threw himself at the net in front of the backstage and high-fived the people in the special seats, stole someone’s ohno uchiwa and waved it at riidaa, on sunday, he tied some of the streamers he got off the floor around his head XD on saturday, aiba-chan gave the audience a flying kiss before he went backstage and on sunday riidaa said, “be careful on the way back home!” ♥♥♥

i loved the way they came back for the encore on sunday! they are too good at teasing the audience with the video of them backstage! i love how it started with just their voices, with most of them saying stuff like “what now?” “what?” or “what do you want?” but i really laughed out loud when i heard nino‘s relaxed voice saying, “calm down, people. what are you still doing here?” ♥ it was SO him, full of sarcasm and hidden love ^^

on saturday, we were in the arena, and something unbelievable happened… riidaa came past on the smaller cart and when he came to our side, we all waved like crazy, but then he looked at me in the eye and made a peace sign at me after reading my uchiwa!!! i was stunned and thought, maybe he was doing it to someone else instead. but the next time he came around, i turned my uchiwa around to the “i came from malaysia!” side and HE DID IT AGAIN O_O wanting to make sure, i pointed at myself, and he NODDED and continued showing me the peace sign!!! after that, every time he came around, he would look for me and bec and showed us his peace sign, for about 8 times or so. WE LOST COUNT. he was giving me the cutest smile ever and pointing at me everytime he does the peace sign ♥ he gave bec a thumbs-up after reading her uchiwa and throw his head back while laughing, because hers say, “i work in a fish shop!”


lots of people came with uta no oniisan costumes!!! they were so cute! i want a cap like that too now! i saw some kids dressed up in uta no oniisan costumes and yatterman costumes too!

hiro enjoyed it too!!!

we ♥ wind tunnels!

the most amazing night EVER in my life so far

the massive swarm of arashi fans at the metro station O_O it looked like the apocalypse had arrived and everyone was escaping lol

being in the arena is so awesome. we caught a whole BUNCH of streamers… about 17 of them or so

harajuku is full of arashi love as well!!!

🙂 another nice sight that made me smile

we went to the kddi design studio for more arashi love on sunday

you can take a photo of yourself with the bathtub used in the commercials, print it (for free!) and write random stuff on it. look at all the amount of arashi love! i kept mine as a souvenir… i’ll go again another day with alicia perhaps and stick one there :3

with bec. i’m really glad i met you, and that we experienced this together… lifelong friends!!! thank you so much for all the amazing treats and presents ;w; ♥ we HAVE to pray for a spring tour!!!

one of the many uta no oniisan cosplayers

the anniversary bus!

our seats on sunday. while the arena seat is really good for fanservice and streamers, i couldn’t see much because i’m so short, but from the stands, i could see the whole dome ♥

excuse my round face… bad angle because we were trying to hide while taking photos. the two awesome japanese women who were sitting next to me… they live in saitama and even offered, “next time if you wanna come to japan for an arashi concert, you guys can stay over at our place!”

ohmiya anyone? 🙂

i love their outfits ♥ i want a jumper as well now!

box of love from the nehs in malaysia >w< THANK YOUUUUUUUUU I MISS YOU TOO ;o;

happy stuff!

i’ve switched the other poster now that i’ve had my tour poster up! i bought one of each, but i only put up the group one beside my bed, the nino one above me…

and the ohchan one at the other end!

nino love. bec, thank you SO MUCH! *hugs*

our photo from the au center

purikura time!!!

posing with all our arashi stuff while listening to arashi songs blasting in the background, feels pretty awesome, even if i do say so myself!

aaaaaaaaand i’m done. whew.

i lost count how many times i’ve used the word “awesome.”

but there is no other word to describe the happiness that i feel right now.


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Riida is really a great guy, ne?

i wanted to attend their concert too…. but its nearly impossible cz i am not a fanclub member… (heard that it is very hard for someone outside japan to join the club)

anyway, i’m hours away from taking my first trip to japan!!!

i’m so excited! thanks for posting all your happening stuffs in japan! i really felt as though i am with you in the concert.


I love Arashi!

it’s not entirely impossible, the ticket shop always have arashi tickets for sale but it’s just a matter of money, because they are really pricey. i was only able to afford them because i have a scholarship, and i’m really broke now!

so don’t ever give up!!! the day will come! i hope you enjoy your trip 🙂

LOL. You really had fun. I was curious about this after all that random status messages on FB. XD

hahaha!!! the best two nights of my life (so far) ❤

Heey~ I’m Ayane (hasegawaayane) from LiveJournal 😀 Used to read your posts there but I haven’t been on it much for a very long time. Found my way here from your old LiveJournal and backtracked to read a lot of your posts while you’re in Japan but never really got around to commenting. Sorry about that >.<

I really enjoy reading your posts and experiences coupled with very beautiful pictures! This has to be one of the best posts that I enjoy because I'm quite the JE fangirl myself X3 ❤ Thanks for sharing the experience 😀 Glad that you had a rocking awesome time at the concert!

hiiiii! :3 thanks for commenting! >w< it was a really great experience!!!


Thank you for sharing your awesome experience ^^

You’re welcome! ^_^ Thanks for reading this insane post hahah!

Insanely awesome! >_<

hi, i am in japan now!

i went to fuji tv station yesterday hoping to find arashi stuffs… but to my disappointment, there is no arashi stuffs!

where do you suggest me to go to get some arashi uchiwa or poster?

🙂 Harajuku is your best friend for all your Arashi needs. You might want to reconsider going there though, because you will feel the urge to spend every single yen there.

Really? i’ll be going to harajuku tomorrow…
erm, could you tell me where are the shops exactly?
cz i am travelling with my family and i cant make them enter every shops for my arashi mania…

the shops are nearer to which exit in harajuku station?

sorry for bothering you and thanks. hehe….

hey!!!! you are from waseda too??? i’m an exchange student here!!! we need to meet! xD

as for your con report, awesome. just awesome!! so envious, yeah. but i’m happy for you!

*sorry for randomly commenting*

ohno ftw!!


I’m in Bekka, level 5 🙂 You can add me on FB! ❤



i’m in sils!! level? 2. hahahahaha.


I just stole all the pics!!!!


until the next con

which we are so going to!!!!!!

*gets weird stares for everyone in shinjuku station*

❤ i can't wait ❤ i'm really praying hard for them to have another one before i go back to malaysia!!!

Hi there!

I happened to come upon your blog when I was researching for more info about japan a few mth ago. I bookmarked it immediately when I know you like arashi too!

I’m coming to Japan alone next year. Can you take me around? Even though we don know each other?? I’m just scared that I will bored you to death..

Btw. The fan service that ohno kun gave you and bec is unbelievable good! Love him to nuts here in singapore! =D

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! ❤
I don't mind bringing you around if I don't have classes 🙂 Most of the time I'm free on weekends but I have a long vacation in February and March so it depends on when you are coming ^o^

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