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日光 nikko

Posted on: December 1, 2009

i went to 日光 nikko on sunday with angel! ♥ we bought a world heritage pass that’s only available to foreign tourists (3600円 each) ^^ it includes a round trip from asakusa to nikko, the entrance fees to the 5 shrines/temples, and unlimited bus rides! a really good investment if you’re planning to go for the world heritage sites trail!

we left dorm at 06:30 *O* it costs 190円 from waseda to asakusa! we actually talked too much on the train and missed our stop at nihombashi by about 6 stops!!! thank goodness i noticed or we would have ended up in chiba!

waseda –> [tozai line] –> nihombashi –> [ginza line] –> asakusa –> [tobu line] –> tobu nikko

off we go!

we’ve entered tochigi prefecture!

hiro enjoying autumn

arrival at nikko after more than 2 hours

nikko is a quiet, serene city nestled in the mountains

and as you can see it’s 543m above sea level

while waiting for the bus

getting off at the first stop! i like this photo a lot

we exchanged our coupon for this set of entrance tickets worth 1000円

first temple : 輪王寺 rinnoji temple‘s main hall, 三仏堂 sanbutsudou

spotted this cute mini post office box on the way up to toshogu lol 😀

second stop : 東照宮 toshogu shrine, dedicated to the shogun tokugawa ieyasu. my dad visited this shrine 14 years ago

inside the shrine

the famous 3 monkeys! hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil

the torii are all carved with the tokugawa family crest, the hollycock (aoi in japanese)

nikko is a city rich in nature and there’s an abundence of trees that are dated more than 2000 years back


wonders of nature

i really like this photo, it has an autumnish aura to it! i almost sprained my back trying to get on top of the ledge, and then almost broke my leg trying to come down hahah

a mini forest growing from the moss

i love this shot too!

in front of 二荒山神社 futaransan shrine, popular among couples for its enmusubi

the eerie 大猷院霊廟 taiyuin reibyou, the maosoleum where tokugawa iemitsu was enshrined

mysterious stones stacked up

where the gods above look down at the human world

the view from heaven?

elaborate, intricate gold patterns

this place was too eerie for us to make cute poses so we took solemn photos

finally, time to eat!!!

a reaaaaaaaally late lunch

steaming hot oyako-don on a cold day!

i spotted this and couldn’t resist!

one of nikko‘s local specialties, モッフル moffle! if you’re curious, the name comes from a combination of mochi and waffle. i chose chocolate with whipped cream ^^ ♥

only in japan can you find oden, ramen and pasta in a can

we walked around town after we were done with the world heritage trail

the most beautiful cabbage i’ve ever seen

the 神橋 shinkyo, also known as the sacred bridge. it’s so difficult to get a good photo of in the dark!!! but it certainly does look mystical

5pm in nikko

one of the few remaining shops that were still open for business… steaming hot buns!

japan gets dark really early. i’m not lying, look at the clock

we collected maple leaves as souvenirs

we took the last train back to asakusa, which leaves at 6pm

a mini pamphlet of the icebucks, tochigi prefecture’s ice hockey team ^^ so cute!!! ♥

it was a great day! it’s so awesome that even deep in the mountains we still can manage to buy kimonos XD;; i can’t wait to go back again! we’re planning to rent bikes the next time and go around the lake and waterfalls ♥


5 Responses to "日光 nikko"

thx for sharing all the great photos of your trip 🙂
I need to visit Japan someday!

thank you for visiting! japan is a great place to travel 🙂

it’s been in my list for ages but in the end I always go somewhere closer/cheaper here in Europe.

i see… there are cheap ways to travel japan but it requires a lot of planning hahah! 🙂


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