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リーダーの誕生日 leader’s birthday

Posted on: November 26, 2009

🙂 today it’s the birthday of someone special! ♥

the best dancer amongst his group members, with vocals that can’t be surpassed by anyone else! not only is he good at acting, he’s also quite the artist! the sexiest hands i’ve ever seen, and the cutest expressions at any given time!

大野智 ohno satoshi

a very happy birthday to arashi‘s leader, ♥ oh-chan ♥, who turns 29 today!!

i’m really glad to be an arashi fan! because of you, who leads the group without actually leading the group. because of you, who is able to eat anything given to you and then proclaim it as delicious. because of you, who cried for the first time in a concert after 10 years. because of you, who daydream so much that you forget to speak in a tv program recording.

i’m glad he’s the leader! may he catch some maguro soon, and that his lifelong dream of opening his own bakery can come true!



he’s shown magnificient growth over the years and i hope that he continues to prosper ♥ i wish he would grow his hair out though, he looked really good in maou!


2 Responses to "リーダーの誕生日 leader’s birthday"


I am surprised that he is actually turning 29 years old! and is the same age as 広末涼子さん but still looks as young as ever…the wonders of Japanese-stop-aging-once-you-hit-the-twenties

i knooooooooooow ❤
i love riidaa!

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