l'isle joyeuse

六義園 rikugien gardens

Posted on: November 21, 2009

today the weather was really good so i went out to catch a breath of fresh air! guess where this photo was taken?!

my destination for the day 🙂 the train departure melody for this station is sakura! the traditional japanese folk song, not the one by moriyama naotarou or kobukuro

六義園 rikugien is one of the quieter spots in tokyo for autumn leaves viewing 🙂

waseda –> [tozai line] –> iidabashi –> [nanboku line] –> komagome

from the station’s south exit, cross the street and turn left, and you’ll soon come across this sign leading you towards the garden. the entrance fee is 300円 for adults

autumn leaves 🙂

maple leaves, known as 紅葉 momiji in japanese

awesome weather today, really

the garden was really pretty ❤

one of the professional photographers ojiisan offered to help me take a photo hahah 😀 he asked me if i was going to an お茶会 ochakai (tea ceremony), and i laughed and said no, then he said, “ah so you just felt like dressing up today huh? it looks good on you!” it made my day >w<

hiro‘s first time at maple leaves viewing!

lots of old ojiisan with their awesome slr cameras capturing the beauty of the autumn leaves

lots of families were there today too!

late shichigosan celebration

i love her kimono and hakama!!!

🙂 quality family time

she was staring at me the entire time hahah

i’m glad i managed to capture this sweet expression >w<

while her brother gets down and dirty, playing with the soil

posing for her parents’ camera

not maple leaves, but pretty all the same

🙂 a foreigner took this for me… he was so shocked to hear me talk to him in english XD

view from the top

and on the way down…

i used to say my favourite season is autumn before experiencing it, but now that i’m here, i really do love autumn!

after walking around for quite some time, it’s time to rest in one of the teahouses!

i ordered something and waited for it to arrive…

while breathing in the cold autumn air and gazing up at all the beautiful maple leaves

matcha green tea with seasonal wagashi (traditional japanese confectionery)

i love the bitterness of matcha!

autumn sweets, with a maple leaf carved into the mochi and filled with red bean on the inside

the perfect balance

maple leaves *O*

i love the colors of autumn…

neh would love the amount of green here 😀

at the entrance, while i was leaving (when i arrived there were lots of people sitting here so i couldn’t take a photo)

ecologically friendly paper weights

i’ve seen spider lilies, but this is my first time seeing spider crysenthemums!

hiro is amused by the colonel dressed up in a santa suit

i don’t know if you can see it, but the tiles on the bridge were arranged to look like a cherry blossom… it might be a bit hard to tell with the sunlight and shadows though. and i’ve just realized that i caught my own shadow too hahah

an intruiging signboard…

on the streets. i wonder if this place is famous for cherry blossoms…

and that concludes my day out in the sun at komagome today! i wandered down into the alleys and found a shopping district of sorts, and went home with a cabbage and a pack of shimeji mushrooms because it was cheaper than what i usually pay here in waseda 😀


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