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rainy days

Posted on: November 19, 2009

yesterday i received emails from kao-chan, the girl who was closest to me during the school visit ^o^ we held hands while we walked down the hill when i was leaving!

i’m really touched by her messages ;w; i want to see her again! in the message above she says “ちーちゃん大好き ♥” (“chi-chan, i love you”)

wednesdays are bento days because i have classes back to back so i don’t have enough time to come back to my room to cook lunch

my lunch yesterday

i received a postcard from yousuke-kun yesterday too!

i woke up this morning to the freezing cold and went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast (hotcakes with maple syrup and butter ftw) and spotted this on the table

and this is why i love my dorm despite it being old, and the fact that nobody knows where it is, unless we tell them it’s somewhere in between nishiwaseda and hoshien. oh henrik you amuse me… i took a few so if anything happens to me you know what happened. but he’s still alive, so…


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