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春夏秋冬 shunkashuutou

Posted on: November 16, 2009

recently, i fell in love with the song 春夏秋冬 shunkashuutou by ヒルクライム hilcrhyme 🙂 they’re not very popular (yet) but this song really struck a chord in me. the title means the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. to me, it’s a pure love song with simple, honest lyrics that are straight to the point. i love how the rap parts sound a bit hip-hop like, but the chorus somehow sounds bittersweet to me. i also love how he mentions all the different representative things in each season 🙂

春は花見 満開の桜の下乾杯 頭上広がる桃色は Like a ファンタジー
秋は紅葉の山に目が止まる 冬にはそれが雪で白く染まる
全ての季節 お前とずっと居たいよ

flower viewing in spring, toasting beneath the peach-pink cherry blossoms in full bloom
swirling above our heads Like a Fantasy
summer barbecues under the sun
when it turns dark fireworks go up
gazes stopping at the red maple leaves in autumn
that are stained white with the snow in winter
i want to spend all the seasons with you
spring, summer, autumn and winter

春の桜も夏の海も あなたと見たい あなたといたい

where shall we go this spring?
where shall we go this summer?
the spring cherry blossoms, the summer sea
i want to see them with you, i want to be with you

秋の紅葉も冬の雪も あなたと見たい あなたといたい

where shall we go this autumn?
where shall we go this winter?
the autumn maple leaves, the winter snow
i want to see them with you, i want to be with you

i uploaded the mp3 onto mediafire so if you’re interested do listen to it and tell me what you think 🙂
download link

original pv on youtube can be found here


1 Response to "春夏秋冬 shunkashuutou"

just like u ^^ i don’t know why but keep playing this song again and again. his rap style is a bit awkward at the first place and the whole song seems to be only rap and rap, yet, the chorus is awesome, and i must note that we still can find distinguished melody within his rap
great song, great voice also
i just fall for this song already though haven’t known the meaning
been looking for it, thanks so much for the translation ^^ 😡 😡 😡

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