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Posted on: November 15, 2009

today was a good day for me in many ways 🙂

the flowers outside angel‘s dorm

we went to harajuku because angel wanted to get a new pair of shoes, and i wanted to go to meiji jingu to buy a lucky charm for neh, plus get photos of the children since it was 七五三 shichigosan!

🙂 the huge, huuuuuge arashi display at the other end of takeshita st.

someday we’ll come back and get our tamagotchi

lots of children clad in their finery as their parents and random strangers (like me) take photos of them

they were looking really tired and grumpy though! they must have been up since morning, getting ready and being good

🙂 father-daughter love

🙂 mother-daughter love!

balloons against the sunlight make a pretty picture

千歳飴 chitose ame, meaning “thousand-year candy” 🙂 wishing for a long and healthy life for the children

vibrant colors

i love their kimono ;w;

all the gold thread sparkling in the sun light

a great father-son moment captured!

this girl was really pretty, she has mixed blood ❤

elaborate knots and intricate patterns

this young girl was so fascinated by the mascot! she kept following him hahah

another half!!! it was really hot so she was squinting in the sun

he looks bored… really smart to hide from the sun though!

they all get tiny medals hahah

my favourite kid of the day… she’s sooooo adorable!!! ♥

can you resist?!

i don’t normally like kids but she was really sweet, posing for all the photographers

this boy was trying to hog the mascot all to himself


sisters with their plump, pinchable cheeks haha

looking proud of himself

a tiny kid 😀

before we left we took purikura! so unresistable >w< it's so much fun!

i wore my dress out today and got interviewed and photographed by a russian woman who was writing a book about japan lol XD so random!!! another russian woman was with her, as the interpreter 🙂

i bought the best thing in my life today as well, but that’s a secret for now 😉


2 Responses to "happiness"

wow, these girl really cuuuuteee, especially with their kimono~~~

loving the tiny kimonoss!!! and WOW
the 24hr TV putting Arashi! ! xD
More Love for this post!!!…

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