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ice fingers

Posted on: November 13, 2009

i’ve realized something really weird lately. the weather is cold here now that it’s autumn, and when i put out my laundry to dry… even if it’s dry, i have this really weird feeling that it’s still wet, because it feels cold. hmmm, i suppose it’s only natural since the wind is quite strong at night, but it still makes me think if it’s dry but cold, damp and cold or just plain wet.

in other news! lots of people have been stopping by my blog and left really sweet comments, thank you all for all the awesomeness! these little things are my daily happiness ^o^ i hope more people can read about my experience in japan and maybe somehow find out some things that they didn’t know before this! keep the comments coming, i love reading them!

i walk past this tree every day on my way to class and i’m still unsure as to what sort of tree it is. it looks like oranges, but with pointy ends… persimmons?

here, a closer look. i have no idea what they are, but this tree is full of them 😀

also on tuesday night after my kanji class i went to tower records at shinjuku to collect my cd ♥ there were lots of people there!!!

limited edition version of the new single 🙂

i find it weird that their name is written in romanji though…

sparkly cd is sparkly 🙂 you can actually see a bit of my nino posters reflected on the cd hahah

booklet ♥

the back of the booklet

i’m addicted to cream puffs now ;w; why are they so good?! this one is from the patisserie around the corner ♥ i have a loyalty card now, which is tempting because everyday i walk past the shop and it just smells heavenly


7 Responses to "ice fingers"




Those are persimmons, 干し柿 or something. Cannot eat them directly, very awful from what I’ve heard. Need to hang it dry for a few weeks.

Previously I went to Yamanashi and picked those persimmons before, as volunteer. If don’t help them pick the monkeys and other beasts will come and vandalise the housing area.

Hi!!! I just saw one of your Blog post on Arashi! ….Just wanna stop by and drop by to say Thanks for sharing ur exp..in Japan.. XD!! lol….
It looks really awesome! =D that makes me wanna go there ^^ hehe.. are you studying in waseda now? =)

yes i’m studying in waseda now ^^ thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment!!! ❤ come to japan, it's a really nice place!

Lol! I really lovess your blog post! they’re amzing!
you took the pics yourself right? =D lol
how long have you been living in Japan?
gosh! yeah I really wish going to Japan anytime soon. n_n tee hehe!..
Any recomanded month to visit?XD

yep i took the photos myself!
thank you so much, i’m glad you love reading!!! ❤

i've been in japan now for almost 2 months ^^
you should come during spring, it's really beautiful then!

lol…well your pictures are amazing! i love it. ^^ hehe
yeah I enjoyed em. tahnks =)!!
Alrighty then. I’ll visit in Japan on Spring !! wishing for itt! ^^…
wow 2 months thats cool!! sorry.. can I ask something…?do you have to know japanese to live in japan? or like at least knows a basic japanese? xD

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