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神泉中学校 kamiizumi junior high school

Posted on: November 10, 2009

on the 7th and 8th of november, i went to 神川、埼玉 kamikawa, saitama to participate in a cultural exchange program with a small countryside junior high school. there were 8 of us from different countries – malaysia, singapore, estonia, lithuania, hungary, thailand, canada, china.

nishiwaseda –> [fukutoshin line] –> ikebukuro –> [saikyo line] –> ohmiya –> [rapid urban line] –> honjo

arrival at honjo station

with gea from estonia. she lives in my dorm 🙂

with pipe from thailand.

my nametag given by the school

on the way to the school in the bus

arrival at the school! a warm welcome from the children >w<

reception in the sewing room

we all had our own tables with little flags hahah

the sparkling clean hallways

shoe boxes 🙂 so nostalgic!

walking towards the gym

after the opening ceremony, we had lunch back at the sewing room with the kids, who brought their bento boxes from home

apparently most japanese elementary and junior high schools have orange trees in their backyard…

art room

a typical japanese classroom… how cute!!!

traditional japanese games

the kids and teachers who were in charge of the traditional games

the cutest first year student ❤ she had a lot of power though, her drumming was the best!!!

handmade udon noodles!!! i’m so proud of mine ;w; they’re just the right thickness!!!

yummy!!! we got some yuzu skin flakes in our soup too~

the girl with the yellow kerchief, nao-chan, is a fellow arashi fan… we both love nino!!! the one on my left, kahori-chan, likes sho-chan ^^ they were both really cute!!!

the children are growing up in a really healthy environment 🙂

self-shots!!! kim‘s long hands come in handy

a nicer one!

pipe-chan laughing at our own stupidity

kim acting all shy haha

hahah with kim!

i love love love this shot!!! self-timer for the win ❤

i love this school! so beautiful! i want to study here too~

hahah united nations!

we drew our own faces beside our flags at the end

group photo session with everyone at the end of day 1

dinner at genki plaza with the children and teachers… the wakame rice was so good!!!

our room for the night. i shared with en-chan and gea

no doraemon in the cupboards lol

our futons

the beautiful sunrise at kamikawa 🙂

autumn creeping in on us

awesome autumn colours!

hiro‘s first trip outside tokyo

hiro enjoying the sunrise with his scarf blowing in the cold wind

we climbed up this mountain last night lol

more group shots! this is a no-go because pipe-chan didn’t manage to get in the photo

okay this is slightly better

autumn colours

a colourful breakfast

kao-chan and yousuke-kun ^_^

welcome to malaysia!

a simple lunch

my group during mealtimes

kahori-chan and kao-chan… i love them so much!

farewell ;_;

dinner at saizeriya with angel and kim back at takadanobaba

it was a really eye-opening experience for me, and i really loved my time there. i wish it was longer though… the kids were all really well-mannered and sweet, although some of them were really really shy. i got quite close to a few of them and when i left i hugged them, and they started to cry, saying, “it’s lonely! please don’t forget us!”

i want to go back to kamiizumi junior high school and see them once more 😦


1 Response to "神泉中学校 kamiizumi junior high school"

they’re all so sweeeetttt….
and the school…i love the environment

did you speak malay to them?

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