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one day drama tour

Posted on: November 6, 2009

it was a school holiday for me today so i went out to kagurazaka to take some photos… unexpectedly, it turned into a one day drama tour!

i woke up at 08:30 and left my dorm around 09:30 after having breakfast

i had lunch at ryotei 鳥茶屋, a traditional japanese restaurant ^^ this restaurant had 2 shops, one is a smaller one geared towards visitors and tourists, and the other one is more formal and traditional, mainly visited by kagurazaka locals, but both of them are well-known and very popular! nino ate at this restaurant too, when he was filming the drama >w<

i ordered their most popular dish, the 鳥すき御膳 tori suki gozen

miso soup. it tastes a bit different from all the other i’ve tasted – as expected from a traditional ryotei!

main dish ❤ rice with chicken, vegetables, konnyaku and mushrooms!

appetizers that i didn’t eat, except for the hijiki

dessert ❤ japanese jelly flavored with yuzu

salad with vegetables and tomatoes

vegetables with various beans

it was really delicious! to be able to eat a set meal from a traditional ryotei at the price of 1500円, i think it’s well worth the money! i went to the smaller shop though, because i didn’t realize there were two of them.

i found the original restaurant after more walking about and right in front of the entrance of the restaurant is…

♥♥♥ the stairs featured in the drama 拝啓、父上様 haikei, chichiue-sama! the stairway where ippei met naomi for the first time, when she dropped a box of red apples

🙂 i bought a red apple too, from the fruit stall at the bottom of the stairs! it’s huge!

self-timer and a tripod. i wish there were two of me, so i can take photos of myself the way i want them to look like T_T

the coin laundry used by ippei in the drama. here, i met two korean girls from waseda. i saw one of them holding the bag given to us during orientation and talked to them. it turns out that one of them, called hae-na, is a nino fan as well! she dragged her friend along with her on a haikei, chichiue-sama tour!

we went to bishamonten temple and wrote our wishes on an ema board! the whole place was flooded with arashi-related messages!!! ♥

then we went to canal cafe to have something sweet! canal cafe is also an important place featured in the drama!


i had a gelato+sorbet cup, with vanilla and strawberry


i really like the atmosphere at the cafe! the sunset is really pretty too ♥

i want to come here again~♥

my membership card finally arrived!

and everyone was right, it’s ugly ;o; the pamphlet is pretty though ♥_♥ i hope i’ll get the photo album as well *crosses fingers*

i’ll be going to saitama prefecture tomorrow to visit a junior high school… i’ve packed my things, i only hope i haven’t forgotten anything! *crosses toes*


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