l'isle joyeuse

terima kasih!

Posted on: November 5, 2009

i received the most awesome parcel from encik helmi at tourism malaysia just now *O* i was actually sleeping, and then i heard niji (my cellphone ringtone hahah), which woke me up. turns out the delivery man was downstairs with a parcel for me! i went downstairs to receive it and boy was i surprised!!!

a parcel that was way bigger than i’ve expected!! it was really heavy too :O

i opened it to find…

all these!!!

i am really touched ;w; thank you so so much! this was way more than what i was expecting, seriously!

pin badges as well!

now i have to figure out a way to lug them all the way to saitama… i think i can only choose two booklets for each student and give one whole set to the school… i am absolutely NOT able to carry all this by myself

terima kasih, encik helmi!


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