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最遊記フェスタ09 saiyuki festa 2009

Posted on: November 3, 2009

on sunday, i went out with the intention of watching boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu, but the tickets were all sold out ;_; so i went to sunshine city to take a look at the saiyuki festa

i really, really want to watch this!

cute maids promoting crepes

came across this poster of maharaja mode at sunshine city

saiyuki festa 2009!!! my fangirl heart jumps in joy ♥

paper stands

costumes used in the drama adaptation

hakuryuu in jippu form! i want to sit in it~

^w^ it looks really uncomfortable though!

what’s your flavour?

the stuff i bought! i was so tempted to buy so many things…

i took photos of some of the pages from the pamphlet!

my favourite page ♥ !!! *0* tenpo is beyond hot *blissful sigh*

so pretty omg ♥

hothothothothothothot *O* ♥

i bought gaiden badges 🙂 i only want the tenpo one but it comes in a set of two, so i had no choice lol… but it looks pretty cool together though! biel biel biel

i bought a set of 4 clear files with gaiden illustrations ♥ i love gaiden!!!

they had stickers printed with orange paper planes for visitors to jot down messages for minekura-sensei… i took a few extra copies as souvenirs ♥


5 Responses to "最遊記フェスタ09 saiyuki festa 2009"

Can I buy the pamphlet off you? Or can I ask for one?

AAAAAA HAKKAI! *melts into fangirl goo*

sorry, i only bought one copy ><;;

Orz. Is there any way for me to get my hands on another copy? >< I didn't know you were going. T_T

How much was it anyway?

i wan’t planning on going too, actually… i don’t know how you can get a copy though, since they were only sold at the event itself. it wasn’t put out together with the other stuff, they had it at the cashier counters. it was 2000yen for each pamphlet (more like a booklet lol)

Ah I see. Is the festival over now? ><

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