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早慶戦ー秋2009 waseda vs keio autumn 2009

Posted on: November 2, 2009

on halloween last saturday, i went for the traditional baseball match between waseda university and keio university! i was really excited because it was my first ever live baseball game ♥ i went wearing the waseda baseball uniform and cap >w< even though we lost, i had a lot of fun, cheering and singing my lungs out! i can't wait to go for the spring game! ♥♥♥

it was a clear, sunny day, albeit a little chilly

pathway of gingko trees, looking like it came straight out of a manga/drama scene

with angel and alicia (i’m not sure of the spelling, sorry!)… who has soo much in common with me ♥ she’s also a nino fan, by the way

lovely, lovely sophia!!!

totally random

it was 500円 per ticket

upon entering the stadium!!!

the field

some of them came in costumes, for it was halloween lol

our signboard… i’m really sorry but waseda bear really looks retarded XD

cheerleaders and ouendan members hyping things up!

this guy was really, REALLY enthusiastic! he was screaming his lungs out hahah

cheerleaders! i love their windbreakers ♥

they have a lot of energy o_o

my lunch 🙂

it took me a really long time to eat my bento because i kept getting interrupted by the random cheering and singing T_T

our huge, huge flag!

line up of our players

i love their hair ribbons

and the game starts!!!

ouendan leader watching over the match in concentrated silence

cheerleaders in action ^o^

even the band members got into the action!

a really cute couple who came in gakuran and waseda’s graduation caps :3 i want one!

so cute!

ouendan member holding up a cue card with lyrics

trying to self-cam… i’m quite satisfied >w<

a sad ending for us 😦 they tried so very hard though!

you can see the love in the students, who sang the school song with their arms around each other, full of pride!D

the match ended around 4pm

i love the uniform! so cuteeeeeeeee

seriously, we love waseda

kids from waseda junior high school and high school 🙂 they’ll grow up to be waseda university students someday!

before leaving the stadium, another photo!

the sky was really clear and the moon could be seen clearly 🙂

the sunset was really, really pretty too!

the ceramic tiles on the platform floors at the shinanomachi train station has a baseball motif on them!


1 Response to "早慶戦ー秋2009 waseda vs keio autumn 2009"

I am sooo jealous! I went to Yokohama 2 years ago but I didn’t get to see the BayStars!

Anyways, I’m searching for the waseda windbreaker but to no avail. Boohoo!

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