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saya anak malaysia

Posted on: October 30, 2009

i’ve been proud to be a malaysian on many occassions, but now that i’m in a foreign country, i can truly feel it.

i’ve been chosen to participate in a 2-day-1-night cultural exchange in saitama on the 7th and 8th of november, where i’m required to talk about and make a presentation about malaysia to japanese high school students. i didn’t bring anything that i can use to introduce malaysia (except a flag) so i sent an email to the embassy in tokyo to ask if they have anything i can use, like pamphlets or brochures.

i got a reply as such :

Saudari Elaine,

Thank you for your e-mail dated 26 October 2009. The Embassy is pleased to learn about your active involvement in cultural exchange programme in Japan which will not only help in promoting Malaysia but will provide you with a good opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience.

2. Regarding your request, the Embassy has very limited number on pamhlets and and materials on Malaysia. In this regard, I wish to advise you to put up your request to Tourism Malaysia Tokyo. Kindly contact Encik Helmi Sumilan, Deputy Director, Tourism Malaysia in Tokyo at helmi@tourism. gov.my. You may wish to indicate the type of brochures, their quantity, your address and contact number and preferred mode of delivery. Thank you.


Ahmad Rozian Abd. Ghani
Menteri Penasihat
Kedutaan Besar Malaysia
Tokyo, Jepun

i was really impressed! he’s really helpful and friendly, but i was a bit disappointed to find out that the embassy didn’t have anything i can use, so last night i emailed the deputy director of tourism malaysia tokyo instead. i got a reply from him this morning :

Dear Saudari Elaine,

Thank you for your email dated 29/10/2009. Re to your request, we will prepare necessary and relevant pamphlet and brochures in English and Japanese for you. Are you able to come to our office in Yurakucho, Tokyo or do you prefer for us to send it to you via delivery service? Kindly advise.

Deputy Director
Tourism Malaysia

*O* mission accomplished! i’m really, really impressed with the people working in both offices :O they were more helpful/friendly than i thought they would be, and they were quite quick with their replies. i’ve just replied him, requesting for the materials to be sent to me through delivery service because i have classes daily on weekdays. i’m looking forward to his reply 🙂


3 Responses to "saya anak malaysia"

ok..now that i’m proud of u 🙂

that’s what true Malaysian supposed to do…haha

one thing bothered me….
is there ant restaurants or stalls which serve ‘halal’ food in Japan or particularly, at Tokyo?
i’m asking out of curiosity coz for what i know, they are only available online….
if you don’t mind me asking….
just for some info and preparation maybe for me to go there….

thanks and btw,have a nice day!

i’m not sure but i personally haven’t seen any before…

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