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cats and cakes

Posted on: October 28, 2009

yesterday i went to shinjuku‘s tower records after my classes to collect my reserved copy of the 5×10 all the best! 1999-2009 dvd ♥♥♥ i was surprised because there wasn’t as much people as i thought but according to the oricon charts the dvd is on top of the list now so i think most people bought them today since the official release date is actually today ^^ i hope they stay on the chart for a long time!

i paid for my dvd with the 500円 coins i’ve collected. i took a leaf out of nino‘s book ♥

🙂 3 copies left on this shelf! they had the dvd everywhere in the store lol

i love the cover design!

i was kind of disappointed by the lack of a booklet 😦

they had a cardboard-like thing though…

someone pasted random, amusing notices in the kitchen downstairs!

lol i find this one particularly funny

on the way back to my dorm i saw a really fat cat sleeping on the lamp in front of an apartment lol

i didn’t bring my camera out so i took photos of it with my cellphone. the shutter noise woke the cat up lol

also, today on my way back from class i stopped by marbu (the patisserie around the corner from my dorm) and bought myself a little treat

♥ blueberry shortcake ♥ i love small, dainty cakes from small patisseries compared to standardized cakes from chain stores

it was delicious ^w^ there were more blueberries inside the cake itself, which was a pleasant surprise because i was expecting only blueberry jam


5 Responses to "cats and cakes"

have a wonderful time enjoying Arashi’s DVD 🙂 oh, i love that cat. cute ~~~

oh man..you are really in heaven everyday… dei give us a list what u want besides bkt..

would be really useful if you guys can send me stuff about malaysia 😦 i didn’t bring anything to intro malaysia at all lol…
❤ food i can eat is always the best hahaha like maggi XD

Hi there! I randomly stumbled on your blog and like you, I enjoy things Japanese (Arashi especially :)) and your blog is such a nice read!

I’ll be visiting Japan soon and was wondering if I could ask you some questions. 🙂 I’ll be in Yokohama with plans to visit Tokyo. Since I’ll be in Japan for a VERY limited time, can you suggest places that are worth visiting? 😀 Also, what’s the weather like now there? I heard that it’s quite cold around the time that I’m visiting (late November to early December) and as someone who lived in a tropical country all her life (I’m from Manila, Philippines), I simply have no idea how to dress for cold weathers! I don’t want to bring too much clothes but I don’t want to freeze to death either! :p

Ooohh… 5×10 DVD! I want one, too! I was thinking of buying when I get there but I’m not sure if they are selling region-free DVDs.

Hey, sorry for the long ass comment and sorry for coming off as some sort of mild stalker. 😀 *off to read some more*

hi! thanks for stopping by, i’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog! do continue commenting, i love reading comments!

you’ll definitely need a lot of warm layers when you come, a warm coat/winter jacket would be useful.
if you’re talking about japan in general, i would suggest you visit kyoto, osaka and tokyo. as for tokyo, interesting places to visit would be asakusa, harajuku, shinjuku/shibuya (they are about the same) and ikebukuro/akihabara (the previous for girls, the latter for guys). day trips from yokohama/tokyo are nikko and kamakura, which are really great places for one day trips 🙂

the 5×10 dvd sold here are not region-free, if i’m not mistaken. you can usually watch them on laptops though (at least mine is okay)

i’m sure you’re looking forward to it! i hope you enjoy your visit here 🙂

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