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[sale] is a terrifying word

Posted on: October 25, 2009

today i went shopping at harajuku with azrie 🙂 bought lots of stuff today!!! ❤

lots of young, hot mothers in japan! ayaka hairstyle is still popular here in japan, kp!

i love her dress!

typical harajuku street fashion, just in time for autumn

more harajuku fashion

visual kei fashion

i like the contrast between the gothic lolita and the girl in the sweet pink one-piece

this concert ticket is way, WAY more expensive than the tickets i saw previously for arashi. i feel less bad about wanting to buy a ticket for 5×10 now 😀

one of the more popular crepe shops in takeshita st.

the lovely ladies preparing our crepes

🙂 halloween version wrapping

i ordered something other than banana choco special 😀 blueberry special!

after spending all my money shopping, we went to ebisu!

i finally managed to take a photo with the clock tower at ebisu garden place!!! there were a few other people who were taking photos there as well. i heard the words “hana yori dango” lol

hahaha i had to take one with this pose, i couldn’t resist!!

lol emo pose. from the episode where domyouji was waiting for makino in the rain ❤

you can see the place where they had their wedding ceremony behind me as well

i am really happy to take a photo of it looking so clear. the last time i came the clock tower was not visible due to the beer festival

you see what i see? so amusing XD

beer museum yebisu

he reminds me of saigo takamori lol

=w= it was a reaaally small museum

the cutest, whitest, biggest dog ever ❤ japanese spitz (thanks shuli-chan!)

we had dinner at ootoya again ❤ i ordered the mini maguro-don + udon set

my mini magura-don. i still prefer the original one, with soy sauce and raw egg ❤

my udon. it was my first time eating them this way 😀 it was really chewy and cold!

i made the wrong choice to enter body line today =w= BUT IT WAS ALL ON SALEEEEEEEEEEE D:

:3 what do you think?

i went to the tama depa at harajuku to get stuff for teddy and cherrinessa and ended up buying hair ties as well. i got a point card and was given the chance to grab a handful of tamagotchi figurines though

some of the figurines i managed to grab (there was a box with the hole on top)

i bought two more group posters from the idol shops again >w<

and i’m overwhelmed with nino love!!! <3<3<3


7 Responses to "[sale] is a terrifying word"

*sigh* reading your blog made me wished that my university was located in tokyo and not hiroshima instead

*kyaas at arashi’s sleeping poster on your wall* sho-kun is so cute! even while sleeping ^_^

S’pore Hainanese Chicken Rice! lol

oh by the way the white fluffy dog is a Japanese Spitz, same species as my old doggie

400,000yen for Black Cherry concert? woah~

hahah but i’m sure hiroshima had lots of great stuff too!!! ❤
kyocera dome for arashi was 60,000 at its cheapest… i'm saving up for tokyo dome now, hopefully i can get tickets!

hahaha Singapore Hainan Chifan! hilarious.

and omg ayaka hairstyle!!!


what’s funny is they used the word “chifan” and not “chicken rice” lol
lots of girls here with ayaka hairstyle… uncountable betul
thank you >w< i can't wait to wear it out

i LIKE your dress…and the shoes 😀

😀 i can’t wait to go out and take photos

i was able to buy some cheap concert tickets on ebay, i really love ebay for the bargain stuffs -‘:

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