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ホームカミングディー homecoming day

Posted on: October 19, 2009

today was the homecoming festival for waseda university so i went to campus to help out with the caribu-kai stall ^^ we’ve been preparing for this for the past few weeks!

chili sauce for the tacos

banana bread

exchange students 😀

wic had a few different booths with different themes – mediterranean, indian, southeast asia and carribbean (caribu-kai)

our tent

our neighbour ^^

my face looks really round with my hair tied up 😦 i had to though, because the wind was quite strong and i couldn’t tie the bandana on. this is queenie from new zealand

colin. he makes the most awesome faces for my photos XD

i prefer our neighbours’ costumes actually. plus they were selling some malaysian food lol

more self-shots before the event starts

professional vendors

autumn goods for sale

can you feel autumn in the air yet?

random vegetables for sale lol

the early morning crowd

the people from the indian food tent doing some last minute preparations

i painted this signboard =D

caribu-kai team!

starting on the tacos! ❤ the japanese girl in the middle is a first-year student. isn't she cute?! ❤


cuba-styled croquettes (i have no idea how they taste though…)

swing-jazz performance by old students

we tried selling our wares to this old man and he bought some after talking for quite some time. he’s wearing his graduation hat 😀 it’s really old and rusted around the buttons

parades by the different clubs of the university, by the current and also the old students. the old students look really proud and dashing in the uniforms!

the choir, performing the school song

inside the okuma auditorium, old students were looking at the list of graduated students, probably searching for their own names

the girl’s taiko club

freshly pounded mochi!

i chose the zunda-mochi since i’ve never tried it before. guess what the green stuff on top is!


with dai-chan :3

hula dancing club

i love this photo 🙂

then tsu and i got to talk with a group of old students 🙂 they graduated from waseda university about 40 years ago and were law majors! even 40 years after graduation, they still meet up once a year!

an old couple (the man is a waseda alumni) talked to us for quite some time before that, and before they left the old lady gave tsu and i 500円 each @o@;; we tried really hard to resist but she insisted, and one of the old men in the other group told us to take it. he even said, “there are some people with hobbies like that. her hobby is giving money to people!”

the funniest one among them was a man called kitamura-san, who treated us to sasa-dango, a niigata prefecture specialty 🙂

the inside, which is dango stuffed with red bean paste, wrapped in bamboo leaves

group photo with the ojiisan before they left 🙂 it was really fun talking to them! kitamura-san gave me a pack of shrimp crackers 🙂

waseda bear! this is our uni mascot, which is a bear because the university’s founder is named okuma (kuma means bear in japanese)

okuma auditorium in the background

i went back to my dorm around 4pm 🙂 it’s amazing that the sun begins to set so early here!

it was a really fun and fulfilling day! ❤ i watched the 2nd episode jin just tv just now… i really like it!


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