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shopping saturday

Posted on: October 18, 2009

yesterday afternoon i went out to shinjuku 3-chome to shop ❤ i love shopping in japan ;w; everything looks nice! i don't really go shopping back home because i rarely find stuff that i like, but here there are lots of stuff that are totally my style ~w~ it's expensive though… i have to budget my monthly stipend carefully from now on XD;; i wanted to go to isetan actually but i went to the wrong exit and wound up at marui instead XD which is equally addictive, i must say…

promotional truck for the new movie, 僕の初恋をキミに捧ぐ i give my first love to you starring inoue mao ❤ i really want to watch this movie, actually! the theme song is by hirai ken 😀

my heaven

6th floor of marui is where the kimono section is located at ❤

i spent a lot time here lol

i think i’m gonna save my money so i can buy at least one brand new kimono for myself ❤ it's about 10,000円 for a new komon ❤ i saw the most adorable coordinate ever here ;w;

a tenugui specialty shop, selling various stuff made from modern and traditional japanese fabrics

japanese department stores have lots of cute shops ❤

samantha thavasa. i like the mickey handbag but everything in this shop made my eyes bulge in shock lol

an old japanese man doing some rough sketching by the roadside

tokyo, a city filled with pedestrian crossings

saturday is when everyone comes out to spend money

OIOI, which is read as “marui” in japan. “maru” refers to the circle 🙂

the entrance to isetan. compared to marui and keio, isetan is one of the more traditional department stores of japan

the entrance looks pretty intimidating. but the service in japan is really good, so you don’t have to worry about going in!

more department stores! i like the cylindrical-shaped elevator, which is made of glass

after that, i stumbled across uniqlo and went in because they were having a sale ❤ long sleeved tees from disney and hallmark for 990円 each *o*

i reaaaaaaaaally like this shirt but they only had it in L size 😦

sometimes i wish malaysia was a more open-minded country


2 Responses to "shopping saturday"

both of them are so sweet~~~~ :p i can tell which is uke and which is seme..hahaha

lol back view also you can tell?! come tell me tell me… XD they were really very sweet though! ❤

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