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my first orchestral symphony in japan

Posted on: October 18, 2009

i got a free ticket to a symphony at the nhk hall last night ❤ all we had to do was go to the icc office in campus and submit our name XD lucky! i went with jana, who is from czech republic and a fellow recipient of the heiwa nakajima scholarship 🙂

we decided to walk from harajuku st to nhk hall

we walked past the national yoyogi stadium!!! next thursday, i’ll be lining up here to realize my dream of a lifetime!!!

🙂 the gymnasium is famous for its suspension roof designed by kenzo tange

i successfully resisted the temptation to buy snacks from the stalls 😀

the leaves are slowly turning brown and orange ❤ i love fall after all 🙂

the nhk hall 🙂

i wore my new dress that i bought at wonder rocket the first week i arrived in japan 🙂 i was having a hard time trying to decide which one to wear to the symphony, either this dress or my polka-dot komon

the wind was blowing though so it was quite chilly 😀 i love my dress!

public washrooms in japan are the best place to take self-shots

hahah see?

we entered the hall early so there was not much people yet

i love the design!

i was so shocked to find out that… we had front row seats, literally!!! i was THIS close to the stage! no zooming at all – i actually had to lean back in my seat to take this shot!

if you look at the seating plan, we had P (premium) seats, which is right in front of the stage

the pipe organ 🙂 it has a more classic look compared to the one back home

i couldn’t believe how expensive the ticket originally costs

i’m glad we entered the hall early lol. it would have been really awkward to take photos facing a hall full of people

obligatory photo in any outing

not needed, but i love meaningless shots like these

orchestra members having some last minute practice before the concert starts

they look pretty serious!

oboe ❤ i love his pointy shoes!

on the way back, i had dinner at a pretty traditional-looking ramen place 🙂 i ordered the gyoza + rice + half-ramen set ❤

it was quite cold on the way back from the concert… i had white puffs of air coming out of my mouth when i talked!!


3 Responses to "my first orchestral symphony in japan"

omg so lucky!

anyway nice dress! looks like something ayaka would wear too! 🙂


Japan looks like a cool place to visit

i know!!!

i love the dress ❤ it's so hard to find dresses that i really like in malaysia so i was really happy to find this one… now that you mention it, it does look a bit ayaka-ish!

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