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阪だらけの町 a city littered with slopes

Posted on: October 15, 2009

last sunday i went to kagurazaka again 🙂 the last time i went there i was only there for about 30 minutes, just to check out the place before going to ueno, but this time i took my time in exploring the place, bought some stuff and had lunch as well ❤ my goal was to look for the stairs featured in the 拝啓、父上様 haikei, chichiue-sama” drama but i couldn’t find it (i’ll try again some other day). i found some other places though XD

can i tell you how much i love kagurazaka?!?! i wish i lived there instead 😦

the famous bishamon temple of kagurazaka, dedicated to the 毘沙門天 bishamonten, the first deity in the “7 gods of fortune” from traditional japanese folklore

it was frequently used as an important location in the drama

the weather was perfect for a day out

recently a lot of people are coming here for dates or just to eat 😀 lots of restaurants and cafes here in kagurazaka!

the best thing about japanese restaurants : water/tea is always free! in this case it’s barley tea

my lunch!

親子丼 oyako-don *O* it was really delicious!!!

my set also comes with a half-ramen (meaning a small one, in malaysian terms lol)

the distinctive circle patterns on the slopes

fashionable young ladies in casual kimono checking out french restaurants

outside one of the apartments

i found this entirely by accident!!! this was the restaurant used in the drama 😀 i was really happy lol

a screenshot for comparison XD

i so love this shot! this alley is right outside the restaurant in the previous photo

one of the main features of kagurazaka, the “かくれんぼう横町 hide-and-seek alleys”

i love this one too! looks like one of the shots out of the drama XD

i could have sworn i saw this scene in the drama some where…

see this alley?

drama! XD lots of potted plants added over the years though lol

see this building?

XD drama!

yes i actually went through the first episode of the drama again just for this. you can probably guess how obssessed happy i am.


2 Responses to "阪だらけの町 a city littered with slopes"

love your blog…
and also the pictures…
most important is arashi..XD

how long have you been to Japan?

🙂 i’ve been here for 2 months i guess
glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed reading! please feel free to comment again ❤

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