l'isle joyeuse

symphony of noise

Posted on: October 8, 2009

last night i returned to my room at 9pm, which was a first for me since i usually come back to my room straight after classes end. i went to help out with the preparations of the homecoming festival 😀 there will be an event called yataimura, where different food stalls will be set up. last night after classes i went to help paint the signboards that are going to be used for the festival.

it was a really fun experience for me, to see all the university students preparing for the festival. it was like a scene from a japanese drama 🙂 (more accurately, what came to mind was the scene from nodame cantabile, where the students were preparing for the school festival)

it was really noisy inside the building though, with lots of sounds mixed together. band orchestra members practicing in the hallways, young guys practicing hip hop dance next to the belly dancing club, volunteer students painting official signboards while listening to jpop on portable speakers.

it might be aggravating to some people, but it was surprisingly soothing to me. i’m the type of person who work really well under pressure 😀

i love the hexagon patterns painted on the official signboards ❤ they paint them so carefully it looks printed!

students from different clubs gather in the hallways to practice their stuff

i love the paint-spattered overalls of the students!

orchestra members practicing in the hallways, with their double bass, violins and trombones 🙂 practicing in the hallways is actually banned lol

our group deciding on the colors for the signboard

this guy was painting his signboard really carefully

the gym is in this building too

another student hard at work

this guy was trying out different rhythms and beats with his steel trashcan all alone lol

another one! i love the official signboards people, they look so serious!

other people in the club

art materials

more practicing in the hallways above us

an electic mix of hip hop, traditional and belly dance

an orchestra member practicing her scales

the official signboards

i love this shot!

waseda festival 2009. feelings that are conveyed, a world that is changing

i got wood shavings stuck to the bottom of my socks lol

there was a lot of hammering and sawing going on next to us too

there is a typhoon alert out today so everyone is supposed to stay indoors. 1st and 2nd period classes are cancelled but i’m still waiting for news about the rest of the classes. there’s some sort of wind blowing outside right now. i can hear some sort of whirring O_o;


1 Response to "symphony of noise"

LOL! you love the paint-spattered overalls of the student or you love the CUTE face of the student?? 😛

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