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a cold autumn morning

Posted on: October 6, 2009

it was really cold this morning! it has been raining the whole night and even now, it’s still drizzling.

a rather serious notice in my dorm o_o

in the pitter patter of cold autumn rain, japanese girls brave the cold with their mini skirts as usual

i went to the icc office to redeem free tickets for the nhk orchestra concert!

travel brochures and pamphlets

i like the purple carpet and the floor lamps ❤ it’s a really relaxing place with lots of information, books, magazines and stuff about other countries too

random flyers promoting the events and happenings around campus

the office/reception counters… everyone was working so quietly!

i have kanji class at 4:30 so i came back to eat lunch 😀


2 Responses to "a cold autumn morning"

yep, heard typhoon alert is out in the philippines too.
take care.

it’s so fun reading all your posts. things are certainly different from here.

thanks 🙂
and thank you for reading! ❤

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