l'isle joyeuse

6pm on a tuesday evening

Posted on: October 6, 2009

it is still raining even now and my room feels cold even with the windows closed and the air-conditioner turned off. i don’t really like the heat from the heater and since it’s quite comfortably chilling to me, i’ll leave a teeny bit of the window open for tonight.

i finished class at 5.50pm and by the time i was approaching my dorm, it was already 6pm. this is how it looks like in japan right now at 6pm in the evenings. it was quite a shock for me since back home 6pm looks NOTHING like this! this looks like 9pm in malaysia!

it looks really dark (and wet, which probably contribute to the scary, creepy, horror-movie-scenario setting) but on the contrary, i feel quite safe walking alone in the streets of japan, which is a big difference from malaysia. this shows how safe japan is. of course, there are rare cases and stuff, as with every country, but at least if you have any common sense, nothing bad happens. in malaysia, old women get raped and people get mugged in broad daylight.

when will malaysia ever be safe enough for me to run out and buy stuff from the convenience store at 1am by myself? 😦


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