l'isle joyeuse

my little happiness

Posted on: October 5, 2009

i feel really happy looking at my closet now 🙂

my mum has promised to buy me a new cupboard (the flat type with pullout drawers, like a tansu) when i come back from japan so i’m really looking forward to it!

i’m still on the lookout for cheap zori because the ones in isetan were really expensive and were mainly for formal occasions… i think i’ll pop by harajuku soon to get a new pair of mary janes, and check out the oriental bazaar (if i can find it, wherever it is) since lots of websites wrote that there are zori on sale as well.

today i had my listening class as well as one of the theme classes (reading japanese newspapers) and lots of kanji are cramming their way into my brain ;_; i’m trying my best to memorize them! though the probability of me being able to read them is higher than writing them… at this rate the type of vocabulary that i’m learning are stuff like “arrest,” “conspire,” “metropolitan police department,” “fraud suspicion,” “prison” and “explosion…”


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