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a fruitful sunday :)

Posted on: October 4, 2009

i’m glad i didn’t go out yesterday because today i splurged in the best ways possible ❤

i woke up around 6am this morning

by the time i washed up and changed, it looked like this.

after eating some egg porridge for breakfast, i walked to takadanobaba station to catch the 7am train to harajuku.

an eerily empty takeshita street. since it was early, there was nobody here because the shops in japan generally open at 10am

it was a good chance to take photos of all the grafitti art at takeshita st. lol

😀 flea markets are among the best places to hunt for unexpected surprises

and the best place to hunt for awesomely cheap kimonos!!!

not too many stalls but i can foresee myself coming here every month! XD

lots of people take their dogs out for walks in the mornings and evenings ❤

it's really rare but i spotted some women in kimono at harajuku (of all places!) ❤

after that, i took the subway from meiji jingu to shinjuku-sanchome to visit hanazono shrine since there’s also supposed to be flea market of sorts there every sunday

calligraphic art design on the walls of the subway… it was really simple but beautiful!

awesome stained-glass style art with lots of rabbits!

another one, except this one was more like a pastel sketch. i think it’s done by the same person 😀

the shrine is located right beside the E2 exit of the station… i was really excited to see all the kimono on display!!! ❤ there were lots of them, including an uchikake (wedding kimono) and lots of furisode. i’ll have to save up to get at least one!

some photos around the shrine :

empty glass bottles as interior decoration at the train station

these people were waiting for isetan to open lol (it opens at 10am). well i was one of them too, since i wanted to get something… the service in isetan is really good, and the kimono department was heaven! ❤

i spotted the new vs arashi poster at the shinjuku-sanchome station!! ❤ *wants to steal it*

today’s little happiness 🙂

a surprisingly well-versed message in english ❤ this was from the entrance of a hair salon

a fat cat lazing in the sun on someone’s car lol. it barely flinched when i went near it to take this photo

all in all, i bought 4 kimonos, 1 hanhaba obi and a new hanjuban (something like an underkimono, only half in length and attached with a han eri) from isetan ❤ *is satisfied* next on the list would be tabi and zori!

i bought a really beautiful iromuji, with awesome cloud patterns in rinzu silk

a red silk komon. the red and white part would be the inside of the kimonoasanoha motif, how cute!

a red and beige komon made of chirimen, with a yabane motif <3<3 it has a really antique-look which i love! i could actually use this as a graduation kimono lol but i would prefer a purple one

a super cute polka dot komon! i don’t usually wear clothes with polka dots but this looked perfect on me so i couldn’t resist >w< not really sure about the material though, it's not silk but it's not chirimen either… it feels a little rough but not polyester… hmm.


6 Responses to "a fruitful sunday :)"

what a wonderful journey!! thank you for posting here… i love your picture ❤ so beautiful and clear 😀

can't wait your next post 😉

thank you for reading! i’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

MY GOODNESS!! Innadei!! Why you bought so many?!!

because it’s cheap lol

The message on the salon was taken from the lyrics of ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon!

And AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA pretty+cheap kimonosssss TwT Would like to ask you to help but I guess you’re on a budget too so >__<;;;

yeah i keep thinking twice before buying but in the end i can’t resist… plus there’s the problem of the weight as well…

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