l'isle joyeuse

a rainy friday

Posted on: October 2, 2009

it was raining continuously today so it was really chilly throughout the whole day 😀 today was probably the first time since i arrived that i’ve gotten the chance to wear a sweater ❤ i love rainy days!

i had a few more classes again today and finally received some work to do lol XD i'm planning to stay in tomorrow and do the preparation work for next week's lessons since it's gonna rain tomorrow. probably going to the flea market at togo shrine on sunday to see if there are any kimonos ❤

photos for the day!

my first class today was at 9am~ it felt really good, walking under the umbrella in the rain with my hair blowing in the wind >w<

the classrooms here look really nice and office-like

their facilities are really great ❤ i love the colored chalk sticks! the blackboards are really nice too

view of the classroom from the back

after my morning classes i went to the 29th building cafeteria for lunch with a few classmates. i wanted to come back to the dorm to cook something for lunch but i thought i had a class at 3rd period so i thought i wouldn’t be able to make it back in time, but it turns out that my next class was at 4th period instead =w=;; i ordered pork donburi (400円) today. the last time i ate here i had kitsune udon, which was really cheap (260円)

today, the carton of foodstuff sent from home arrived. i was amused because my dad said the carton with clothes would arrive first but the one with food actually arrived earlier lol

then after my evening classes i went to the caretaker’s office to get a new remote control for my air-conditioner and found the other carton with clothes on the floor in the south wing lol (i wonder why it wasn’t placed in the north wing though like the carton with foodstuff though)

thanks to my mum and dad for the awesome foodstuff ❤ i received cherrinessa‘s postcard too finally (TOO LONG OMG WHY maybe next time you should write the address in japanese?)


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