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Posted on: October 1, 2009

as i’m typing this entry now, i’m eating cold grape jelly that i’ve kept chilled in my little fridge. they slip right past my throat as soon as i chew on them and i find myself reaching for another one despite my inner voice warning me about eating past my daily budget.

today i had a fun class : japanese through tv dramas. i couldn’t resist chuckling when i saw the title of the drama we’re using this semester. actually, i already knew it before she gave out the papers, because she was trying to get the video to work so we could do some practicing, and with just one look i knew at once what drama it was (it’s pathetic in a way, for this shows i have been watching way too many japanese dramas).

this picture printed on the paper given to us, was a dead giveaway XD i was really excited though, because this means i can relax a bit more in this class seeing as i’ve watched this dramas waaaaaaaaaaay too many times. i can’t believe one of my favourite dramas would now be my homework/assignment lol ❤

i’m actually itching to do some work but i’m too free, because it’s only the first week and we haven’t gotten any homework. damn. the inner geek in me is crying D:

i need more things to occupy myself with T_T right now i’m downloading old episodes of arashi no shukudai-kun while waiting for himitsu no arashi-chan to start at 10pm.

that’s how idle i am right now ‘_’

i really need some work. and more cold grape jelly.

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