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lazy days

Posted on: September 30, 2009

classes have more or less started but i’m liking the lifestyle here 😀 since it’s just orientation this week, all the classes are cut short ❤ so here i present to you, more photos from my daily life!

a yakitori roadside stand! (vivi, your yatai :D)

i ♥ yakitori

there was a catbus on the counter as well lol

on the way back from book off i walked past the au shop again and was really happy to hear arashi songs being aired ♥♥♥

these phones will be gone in no time in malaysia

nope, they’re not tied up with chains

and they’re not in any glass cases 😀 in malaysia, phones are stolen even if they’re under lock and bars

yesterday before my class i went to marushime to buy notebooks for my classes. too bad there was no purple or this would be arashi-like XD let’s just say that doS matsujun is black.

last night i went to saizeriya for dinner with two new friends. i tried doria for the first time 😀 it was nice! the half-boiled egg makes it perfect ♥

today, i prepared a bento lunch for myself since it would help me save money ♥ that, and the bento boxes are too cute for me to resist


rice with shimeji mushrooms cooked with butter, shoyu and mirin

my favourite tamagoyaki ♥ i could never get sick of this!

that’s all for today 😀 off to watch more shukudai-kun!


8 Responses to "lazy days"

i miss ur tamagoyaki….

i thought you said it was too sweet? lol

The bento so cute!! cuter than mine T_T
buy me a phone~~~ 😛

yours nicer lol… phone u sendiri buy lah XD

why is it MY yatai?? haha…anyways, they look really nice…*drools… btw, i missed your koroke, Lane…hahah

haha next time when i come back let’s go picnic! your yatai because you happyou last time lol XD now everytime i see yatai i think of u

yey! picnic at the beach please!! looking forward to it…it seems like you’re there for ages already…dang… 😦 i miss you laney lane….

*hugs* i’ll be back before you know it! work hard k? and cheer up! i’ll be here for positive energy if you need to recharge!

beach ka? lol okay but i don’t wanna get dark ok

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