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winds of change

Posted on: September 28, 2009

it was really weird for me to read my previous post because today i had an unexpected stroke of luck.

today my classes officially started 😀 i had 2 classes today : reading japanese newspapers and listening. they were both interesting but i was a bit daunted by the huge amount of kanji used in both classes. i wasn’t really surprised though, since both classes use japanese newpaper articles. it’s good that i’m gonna be forced to learn formal kanji since it would be really helpful for me in the future ^^

after my classes, i went looking for book off (a chain second-hand store with game softwares, mangas/books, CDs/DVDs, movies, etc.) because i remembered seeing one when i got lost on my first day in waseda. i’m really glad i went though, because i found 3 arashi singles for 105yen each ❤ : Happiness, beautiful days and We can make it! i was over the moon with just that, but it was not until i was poking around wikipedia just now that i found out something more amazing…

2 out of the 3 singles i bought were limited editions!!!

Happiness and We can make it! are both limited editions! *happy sigh*

of course, they’re not in mint condition, but i’m satisfied with them because they are in really good conditions ^^ i’ve checked them before buying them, and the booklets, CDs and even the obi (small strip of paper included at the side of japanese CDs) are all perfect! all i need to do is just get new cases and they’ll look brand new!


1 Response to "winds of change"

There are like 4 bookoffs near Baba Waseda area, the one you found is nearest to you dorm.

My dorm was located in the middle of 4 bookoffs zzz.

Go check out more classes, is orientation week!!

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