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チャイナハウス桂花楼 china house keikarou

Posted on: September 25, 2009

today i went to another place on my list : keikarou, aiba-chan‘s family restaurant in makuhari-hongo, chiba-ken. i left dorm around 9:30am because the restaurant was only open at 11:00am. it takes 1 hour by train to reach makuhari-hongo from wasedastation.

waseda –> [tozai line] –> nishi-funabashi –> [sobu line] –> makuhari-hongo

changing trains at nishi-funabashi

sobu line (local) heading towards makuhari-hongo station, where the restaurant is located

i just realized i’m wearing the same shirt as i did when i went to the studio ghibi museum lol

my brand new sneakers 😀 the red ones look the best on me (and they’re easy to match too) but i already have one pair of red shoes so i thought of getting something really funky 😀 besides, yellow is nino‘s colour

finally, after almost one hour!

after exiting the station, take a left turn (i made a right when i first arrived and wasted about 15 minutes in the wrong place. in the end i went into a pharmacy and asked for directions. the man was so nice, and halfway through he asked me in english, “are you chinese?” to which i said yes, and then he proceeded to tell me the directions… in chinese!)

now that’s japan for you. bicycles parked perfectly in place. somehow this makes me a bit scared. the amount of bicycles down there…

walk straight down the bridge and head right when you come to the traffic lights…

you’ll be in a neighbourhood area with lots of apartments, but don’t worry…

just walk straight…

and i’ve finally reached my destination ♥! it was 11:20am when i arrived, and there was already a (short) line. damn. if only i had turned the right way after exiting the station, i would have been with the first batch of customers. i waited for one hour to get in…

after waiting for about an hour, i finally entered the restaurant. they had puzzles from fans on display 😀

as well as autographs from the rest of the arashi members! the one on the left is from oh-chan. i find it really cute that he wrote “umai!” under his signature ♥

more arashi stuff on display at the counter area

inside the restaurant. i don’t find it surprising that almost all the customers were women… the men were all tagging along with their wives/girlfriends

the great big aiba-chan mosaic made up of small little pictures of him 😀 it was given by korean fans i suppose, because i saw some hangul writing on the back of the frame

the cute arashi caterpillar

one of the message books in which you can leave messages for aiba-chan

i brought along the message i prepared last night as well as a glue stick and my markers so i glued on my note and added some extra comments at the side ♥

aiba-chan‘s mum handed me a menu for me to look through while i wait 😀

finally, after a long wait, i was guided to my seat. i find it really a waste though, that they only had tables with either 2 or 4 seats. i feel a bit bad for the people waiting as i was sitting by myself at a table for 4. if they had more single seats (like a counter/bar) they could have served the customers faster. not that i’m complaining lol XD

presents from fans are displayed in the restaurant. i shall make something nice too, for his birthday, and bring them here ^^

more arashi stuff

it might be wrong, but i’m guessing this MIGHT be a picture of shimuken?

now i know where aiba-chan got his long limbs and slim, graceful figure from! his mother was quite tall for a woman, i was really surprised! 😀 she looks too young to have a son as old as aiba-chan though!

i ordered ramen 😀 i could have ordered the lunch set but there were a lot of stuff in the set that i don’t actually like, so i chose the best thing on the menu instead (though i was hesitating between ramen and chasiumen…)

it was really good!!! TwT contrary to the ramen i’ve eaten previously, this one really had a more “chinese” flavour to it

i ordered shaoronpao (xiaolongbao in chinese) as well. i think i’m getting addicted to it ♥… this is way better than the one i had at fuji tv XD even as i’m writing this now i feel the craving for it again D:

a close-up of the shaoronpao with the soysauce and vinegar i’ve dipped it in ♥ うまい!!!

trying to take a self-shot in the restaurant. the girls behind me were talking about riidaa the whole time lol

after my main course i ordered a bowl of strawberry sherbet for dessert! i figured i’d splurge a little since i haven’t been eating outside for quite some time 😀 it was really cold and sweet

the middle was filled with sweet condensed milk+something else i can’t quite put my finger on…

my tab 😀

it seems that some of the photos on display around the restaurant were taken by aiba-chan‘s mother! she’s a really good photographer, judging by the photos on display. most of them were of sceneries, nature or wildlife, especially fishes and sea creatures

another arashi display at the counter

a small peek into the kitchen, where his father and brother are (i suppose) working hard

before leaving, i went to the washroom and couldn’t resist taking another photo lol

the sun was shining really fiercely today! i took this on the way back… it ws really sunny, yet really windy, so even after i took out my umbrella to block the sun, i was so worried about it being blown the other way round and kept it away in the end because i really don’t want it to be broken D:

all in all, a satisfying trip! other than the fact that i took the wrong turning and thus wasting a bit of my time, PLUS waiting for almost one hour (it didn’t feel that long, honestly), it was really fun! i’m glad i got to visit it at least once ♥ the food was really good too >w< and the atmosphere in the restaurant was great… i can't wait to go back there again! it would be fun to go with more people though…


3 Responses to "チャイナハウス桂花楼 china house keikarou"

keep writing stuff about arashi and Japan hehehe

i want to go to Aiba’s parents restaurant~~

by the way, the autographs photo…you said the left one was Ohno, but it’s Sho-kun :s

It’ like the tenth time i read this post, and i end up cryin’ every time … i’ve been ti Keikarou three times, as i’ve been in Tokyo for three months, at the beginning of this year, and so i feel something like “i wanto to go back there!” … sooooo fangirlish, ne XD

🙂 i know how it feels. missing japan and everything there hurts me literally!

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