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フジテレビーション fuji television

Posted on: September 24, 2009

yesterday i went to odaiba with angel 😀 my main purpose was to visit the fuji television building (can anyone guess why? hahah). i definitely didn’t regret going there as it was probably the best place i’ve been so far since arriving in japan! ♥

waseda –> [tozai line] –> nihonbashi –> [ginza line] –> shimbashi –> [yurikamome line] –> odaiba

view of tokyo from the train

crossing the tokyo bay! 😀

view of rainbow bridge! i was quite surprised to find that the train actually goes onto the bridge. the train tracks are in between the two roads for vehicles on the bridge. i didn’t realize it at all when i came here last time on a bus!

you can see the fuji tv building on the way across the bridge 😀 see that titanium ball in the middle of the building? that’s actually an observatory~

there was some sort of food fair thing going on outside the building so we decided to have lunch there. i saw a stall selling chinese food and i ordered xiaolongbao (or shoronpao as they call it here in japan) for lunch. it was delicious =w= i want to eat more!

view of tokyo bay from inside the observatory! it was a really good day, with lots of sun and pretty clouds.

a closer look at rainbow bridge and a really teeny tokyo tower ^^

i spotted a mirror next to the stage and couldn’t resist!

after visiting the observatory on the 25th floor, we went down to the 7th floor 😀 here’s a look at the ball from under it lol

and all of a sudden i got really excited after spotting this poster! the new poster for vs arashi ♥♥♥!!! i can’t wait for october to come (>w<)~♥

even the little girl behind me was excited about the poster 😀 i was in a good mood the whole day after seeing this poster ♥

after that, we visited a place called kikkake street, where they have displays of various variety shows, dramas and official programs broadcasted on fuji tv. in this corner they have tags from basically all the programs being broadcasted on fuji tv and i spotted this ♥

vs arashi display!!! *happy sigh*

nino looking really cute when he concentrates on the coins in rolling coin tower >w< he looks so good in red~

main part of the display would be this. a group shot of everyone and a brief explanation of the show

they had staff at each photo station, who willingly take photos for you lol but this was taken by angel 😀 i was trying to pose like them. it turned out quite well!

taken by the staff. i find it amusing they spend their whole day standing there taking photos for people… this is from the set of smapxsmap!

set of waratte ii tomo 😀 would have been great if they had a tamori-san doll there or something XD the girl who took this photo for us even had one of those clickety things where you can keep count of the amount of people who took photos at this set

with a cute statue of laugh-kun, the official mascot of fuji tv! from where i was sitting during lunch, i saw part of this statue and lots of people taking turns to take photos with it, so now i guess somewhere down there, someone is looking at my butt XD

after that, we went to aqua city to have a look at the one piece exhibition 😀 we didn’t walk around much, but right in front of the one piece exhibition i saw a whole cart of…

RILAKKUMA. WHY. OH WHY GOD. WHYYYYYYYYY. i bought an organizer for next year. i couldn’t resist D:

we left after that and i realized just then that you can actually spot the vs arashi poster from the stairs coming out of the train station. i didn’t notice this when we were arriving! if i had seen this i would have dashed straight to the 7th floor instead of going for lunch on the 1st floor lol

angel pointed this out to me on the way back in the train and i let out a squeal 😀 i think i gave the girl next to me a heart attack lol

i wish they were done with it so i can take a nicer photo, but oh well. they’ve just announced the new timeslot anyway, so i was way early. maybe i’ll go back again in a few weeks and see if they have any new displays and goods for sale 😀

at last, we left the station and i spotted this at… i forgot which station. i think it was shimbashi. isn’t it beautiful? ❤

all in all, it was a great day and i really enjoyed it!!!! we also stopped by harajuku to get some new shoes, and i bought a new pair of canvas sneakers from uniqlo at about 1990yen, which is a steal ❤ my old adidas sneakers are wearing out and my feet hurt D:


3 Responses to "フジテレビーション fuji television"

hey, it’s me again!
i’m so glad that i’ve met another arashi fan!!!!
anyway, since i’m going to tokyo this december, i wanted to go to fuji television station too!
to watch VS Arashi live! (even though i can’t understand Japanese)
how do i go about then?
sorry for asking so many questions…
i’m really excited for my trip to japan!

🙂 i’m always glad to meet arashi fans too! you can visit fuji television easily, but it’s quite impossible to watch VS arashi live as it’s only open by limited invitation to members of the fanclub. it’s very difficult to get in even if you’re a member, unfortunately. fuji tv is still a fun place to visit though, i really recommend it!

awww…. too bad then… was really looking forward to seeing arashi! hehe….
ok then… i will visit odaiba… at least i can visit the VS arashi park…
thanks for answering!
i will keep looking forward to your blog…
u really have an interesting blog…
keep it up!

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