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原宿+新宿 harajuku & shinjuku

Posted on: September 21, 2009

on saturday, i met up with angel for the first time and we went to harajuku to buy something (more on that later). after getting what we wanted, i suggested going to togo shrine because there was supposed to be a flea market there every sunday. we took some time to find out where the place was (and got there in the end thanks to a nice university student) and i was so disappointed to find that there was no flea market whatsoever.

though, things reaaaaaaally brightened up all of a sudden…

because i got to witness a traditional shinto wedding procession! i was this close to them 😀 sigh. i do so love kimonos.

pathway to the garden of the shrine

there was a smaller torii there so i could take a photo without making myself look really tiny

the garden and the lake of togo shrine

then we proceeded to go through takeshita-doori again to go to meiji jingu shrine. but before that!

a photo of hiro looking happy at the entrance of takeshita-doori

one of the humongous torii gates to the meiji jingu shrine, which are made of cypress wood

spotted another wedding procession and i couldn’t resist taking a picture of one of the girls in the procession because her furisode was so vibrant! it was perfect for autumn and i love the coordination. the bright colors really added to the serious crowd of black suits, dresses and formal kurotomesode

i was quite disappointed when i took this because it came out blurry, but now that i look at it again, i really love the feeling of movement it gives off

one of the relatives, i suppose 😀 she’s really cute

another wedding procession. this would be the end of the procession, as opposed to the earlier one that was just starting. i love the bride’s kimono! the formal black furisode with the gold maruobi looks perfect, and it’s really shiny in the hot sun XD i don’t envy her wearing that kimono under the hot burning sun… the weather forecast lied. it said that it would be like 19 degrees so i brought my jacket out with me, but in the end it became baggage since it was too hot to wear it D<

another young lady in furisode spotted! ❤

i love the shoes and outfit worn by the head priest! ❤

two-shot with angel 😀

a self-shot in front of the wine barrels but you can barely see them here lol

after that, we went to shinjuku because i wanted to check out the arashi section in tower records (of course, what else would i do other than look around for arashi stuff?)! i was so happy to find a really nice arashi section/corner on display ♥

the entrance to tower records shinjuku. can you spot the arashi corner yet?

from the side :3 this is where they place their concert dvds

from the front~! i’m glad the sales are still continuing even after their first one million mark ♥ i contributed to that too! i bought the album when i first arrived XD

another arashi corner!!! they have 2 corners in one shop, how awesome is that? ♥ more concert dvds~

all the best! 1999-2009 normal edition ;_; i want the limited edition, damnit…

their other albums 😀 i bought one… was hesitating between one and dream-a-live but in the end i took one because it was the only copy left (that, and himitsu ♥♥♥)

their singles 😀

from here on, everything is for kp 😀 hahah please tell me you appreciate me doing this lol

her singles. i’ll get you one for your birthday, which one do you want? XD

you preordered it already but i thought you’d like this 😀

and this as well

then on the way back to takadanobaba we managed to get onto the first carriage, so we had the chance to look at the control panel 😀 we tried to take a photo of ourselves with the driver but as you can see, the only part of the driver visible in this photo is his hand. it counts, anyway.

had lunch 😀 i almost died eating this set, it was too much for me D: i shouldn’t have eaten the ice cream at harajuku… this set was really cheap though, 590yen for a double dose of gyoza, some karaage, rice, and soup! someone could order this, and two people can actually share it, if you order one more bowl of rice 😀

😀 i may be smiling now, but halfway through i was eating really slowly because i was feeling really full lol XD it was really good though!

had a great time, thanks angel for the great company!

oh, and the thing we went to harajuku to buy?

no words can describe 😀 my first ever ayu concert!!! can’t wait for this >w<


6 Responses to "原宿+新宿 harajuku & shinjuku"

Omg ayumi concert *o* Ruka prolly fanboying like crazy lolol. Keep blogging girl >o</ *ish one of the permanent readers now*

he is XD he said he doesn’t wanna friend me anymore lol… so now i have to promise him i’ll buy concert goods for him XD thanks for reading! i feel more motivated now >w< hahah!

I want Melody ~sounds real~!

haha but i know it’s hard to find.

I’ll have Real Voice please!

(or do I have it already? hmm.)

i was thinking that you don’t have winding road? lol please check your collection lah…

i don’t have:

1. Real Voice
2. Winding Road
3. Anata to
4. Minna sora no shita
5. Melody ~sounds real~

6. any ayaka merchandise – t shirts, posters, etc!

WAH! So nice! ❤

Would it be too hard for you to get for me uverWorld's latest single/album though, if you're going back to Tower Records next time? How much are they, anyway?

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