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築地市場 tsukiji fish market

Posted on: September 20, 2009

yesterday was probably the first time i have been out and about so early in the morning. in the beginning i was supposed to meet up with tsu at 4:45am but i overslept and we met up at about 5:00 am instead >o<;; we got onto the secondtrain at 5:20am.

waseda station –> [tozai line] –> nihonbashi –> [asakusa line] –> daimon –> [oedo line] –> tsukijishijo

it was really bright even though we reached at about 6:00am, and the place was packed with tourists and locals alike. i’m glad i didn’t go with my jeans because it would get all drippy and muddy, what with all the water and muck all over the place. my shoes got quite dirty as well. the people there were really busy though and we had to be quick to get out of the way of the mini rollers, carts and bikes!

my main objective in coming to the fish market : the big frozen tunas ♥

a fishmonger cutting up some fresh unagi

cute skinny sanma for sale

huge crabs 😀 i don’t usually eat crabs but i guess this would taste reaaaaaally good, huh?

clams against the light

♥♥♥fresh tuna sashimi♥♥♥ maguro is the best!

😀 hiro likes fresh octopus too! they’re bigger than him~

lobsters 😀

this fishmonger seems to specialize in shellfish, like oysters, clams and the sort

this guy was really pissed that i was taking his photo XD he was clicking his tongue and doing his job in a really curt way. so i ran away after taking this shot

😀 i was satisfied, though i would have loved to spend more time going around the market since it’s really big, but there were lots of traders and chefs from restaurants buying and selling stuff, so i’d just be in the way

after going to the fish market, we went to ueno to visit ameyoko and bought cheap clothes 😀 after ueno, i parted ways with tsu and headed off to somewhere else.

more in the next entry 😀


3 Responses to "築地市場 tsukiji fish market"

Where is the tuna auction???

not allowed lol

There’s one area for tourists wo. Want me to show you my big tuna or not =P

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