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Posted on: September 17, 2009

i was so excited to find something in my mailbox when i went to check it out just now, just on a whim… because this would be the first piece of real mail i’ve gotten so far in japan! 😀 well, i did receive my national health insurance card on tuesday but that doesn’t excite me, so it doesn’t count XD

i didn’t know anybody in japan yet that would send me a letter, so i was really surprised!!! ❤ as it turns out…

it was from the foundation 😀 they sent me a nice handwritten note telling me to fully utilize and enjoy my one year in japan, as well as to learn as much as i can! they sent me photos that they took of me when i went to visit them on my first day in japan. are they so awesome or what? ;w; i’m so touched… they also sent me a postcard for my birthday last month when i was at home in malaysia!

come on, people… send me mail!

waseda university international house
north wing 207
2-8-35 nishiwaseda, shinjuku
tokyo 169-0051 japan

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