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Posted on: September 16, 2009

it’s been more than one week since i’ve arrived in japan and i’ve finally gotten my student id and password to use the internet in my room *cries tears of joy* thank god! it was really upsetting, not being able to go online D: now that i’ve felt what it’s like to have no internet… i really think it’s awesome that it was created ;w;

pictures of my dorm are up on facebook already so i’m not going to put any of them here… but let me tell you about my first week in japan! ❤ as everyone who knows me well enough already know, i take loads of photos everyday so i can't possibly upload them all, but i've chosen the really cute and interesting ones so i hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i do!

my dorm is in a really nice housing neighbourhood (but i never see anyone other than the occasional kid going to school and someone taking their dog out to poop) so it's really nice. there are lots of cute signs here, for example :

i think this one is from the neighbourhood patrol community or something, but i laugh everytime i see it. the one on the left is EVERYWHERE (in this neighbourhood). it has a really menacing pair of evil eyes and words that say “someone’s watching you.” i suppose it’s a warning for people who want to steal things (not that it’s common here) or something.

pleading for dog owners to be responsible and good citizens lol

if you give any food to the cats, make sure you clean their poop as well! i love this sign 😀

we had our first orientation last wednesday and it was really awesome, there were so many people there! lots of people from different countries but there were a lot of westerners and of course, chinese (from china). they’re everywhere!

this was how awesome it was. these are the passports of the people who were at the same table as me 😀 clock-wise from top left : canada, korea, taiwan (under china but oh well), czech republic, france and of course, malaysia.

ban-geul from korea and toto from taiwan. they both live in the south wing in my dorm.

group picture of some of the people at my table

look at all the gaijin!!!

maika, the first japanese friend i made when i arrived here. she’s really nice! ❤ a fellow johnny’s fangirl, she likes news

filling in the forms for the alien registration and national health insurance was really troublesome!! it took us AGES to finish one form.

lots of fat cats in my neighbourhood 😀

then we went to the au shop nearby to get a cellphone. we couldn’t get one because we needed the alien registration card, or at least a temporary letter saying that we’re exchange students and not terrorists here to kill the new prime minister XD so we just picked a package and booked a phone because apparantly they were running low on new phones…


and this.

and this. nino‘s is at the back on that day. they rotate it everyday.

a junior high school girl on her way home 🙂 this was taken at about… 5:30pm?

another fat stray cat. A STRAY CAT. how come it looks so well-fed and clean!?

on friday morning we gathered in the entrance of the dorm to wait for some japanese students to bring us to the city hall in shinjuku to register for our alien card and health insurance.

😀 hahah self-explanatory. i would never be able to go in to this street by myself…

after that, i went to the phone shop and finally got my phone!!! it’s the cheapest package we could get and the phone was free ❤ i love japanese phones *sigh*

then on saturday i went out to harajuku and shibuya even though it started pouring while i was walking to the train station. i went to one of those idol shops 😀 here is how it looks like on the outside…

and on the inside! they have posters and stuff for sale.

it amuses me to see johnny’s capsule machines XD you can get stuff like arashi keychains and mini handphone straps…

it was raining really heavily by then and i didn’t want to stay any longer in harajuku so i went to shibuya instead. why, you ask?

BECAUSE OF THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! yes i finally got my hands on the best album <3<3<3

they have a cute little arashi corner as well >w<

the famous landmark of shibuya! ❤ finally i was able to take a picture of this. though it was raining really heavily so i couldn't take a photo of myself or hiro with hachiko… maybe next time.

their parking ticket machines are really awesome too 😀

finally, a photo of my cellphone! ❤ I LOVE IT. i check the weather forecast every morning 🙂 it's a sunny day today!

more spam tonight and tomorrow since today i'm going somewhere special (more on that tonight!) and tomorrow is a free day so i guess i'll blog the whole day. i have so many things to say! one week without the internet is the worst thing you can do to me, really. i'd die without the internet.

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