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平和中島財団 heiwa nakajima foundation

Posted on: September 16, 2009

on monday, right after i checked in to my dorm, i went to the main office of the heiwa nakajima foundation for my first official visit as well as to receive my preparation money. i don’t have a bank account yet so they handed me the preparation money in cash and informed me that i would receive the money for my air ticket and my monthly stipend when i get the bank account done (which would probably be the 24th).

i took the tozai line to iidabashi station, then changed to nanboku line and got off at roppongi 1chome. i saw lots of cute elementary school boys dashing about in the station. this would never happen in malaysia! it would be really unsafe to let kids go on trains by themselves in malaysia but here it’s so normal. they look really independant and they know what they’re doing.

this boy went to the public phone right after he came down onto the platforms and using a phone card (those that can be used for a month i suppose) to call his mother to tell her that he just arrived at the platform and would be waiting for the train now.

i really like this photo. i like the contrast between the elementary schoolboy, still new to the world and learning things about life, and the salarymen, probably jaded and hating their work (i might be wrong though). it’s amazing to think that little boy would one day grow up to be one of the salarymen.

he was reading manga with his friends on the benches while waiting for the train to arrive.

the building was about 5 minutes’ walk from the station and i was there really early so i explored the surrounding areas a little bit.

TV ASAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <3<3<3 for uta no oniisan they changed it to tv yuuhi (tv sunset lol… tv asahi means tv sunrise) due to copyright issues i guess.

it was so scary trying to find out how to get to the office! it was an office building i think, and everything was so professional and quiet! i went to the receptionist and told them my name, and she knew that the foundation was expecting me!

i had to fill in this card to receive access to go up to the 33rd floor, where the foundation’s office is located

and here we are! i hung around for a bit in the hallway because my appointment was set for 4:00pm and i was there about 20 minutes earlier than expected. it was so scary 😀 the place was reaaaaaally quiet and there was NOBODY anywhere on the 33rd floor O_O;;

the people at the foundation were super nice! i love them to pieces hahah! i met another guy under the same scholarship, called james from england.

james from lse in london, england

a really good view of tokyo tower from the windows

they were really nice… explaining patiently how the scholarship system works, how i’ll receive my monthly stipend, when do i send my reports, when should i visit them. the funny thing was that when i arrived they immediately served me with a bottle of evian mineral water… this would probably never happen in malaysia lol. i’m receiving the scholarship already and yet they’re so awesomely nice to me ❤ after that we had tea and biscuits while talking about a lot of things. they were all really curious and interested in us, including our backgrounds and our countries. i enjoyed being there! i can't wait for the next visit although it'll be half a year later.

group photo with the people from the foundation

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3 Responses to "平和中島財団 heiwa nakajima foundation"

You didn’t eat sushi with them =O

I WANT I WANT I WANT THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

because i went in the evening so we had tea 😀 by the time i reach dorm it’s already past lunch =w= next time i’ll go during lunch and enjoy the sushi XD

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