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三鷹の森ジブリ美術館 studio ghibli museum

Posted on: September 16, 2009

one more lifetime dream accomplished today! i went to one of the most magical places i can think of – the studio ghibli museum in mitaka, 30 minutes from the heart of shinjuku. this is a really long post though, so i hope you’re prepared for all the photos! there are some photos here that i’m not uploading in facebook because they were very strict with photography inside the museum, but i took a few shots because i wanted to show those who would love to come, how it looks like on the inside. so please keep the photos here ❤

it's 1000円 per entry for adults and university students, which is about RM40. it's really an amazing experience, i can't describe how i felt when i first stepped into the museum. photos can only tell you so much! enjoy!

first off, for kp. i see this everytime i go to takadanobaba station.

off we go! 😀 it was really sunny and bright today~

upon reaching mitaka station, you can feel the power of studio ghibli. at the train station, they have a totoro plush at the white-backed tickets counter…

even at the tourist information center, totoro beckons you to come and buy tickets

the walking distance from the train station to the museum itself 😀 i have some exercise today since i wanted to save the bus fare

mitaka is a quiet, tranquil town filled with lots of greenery, insects and parks. this road along the canal is called the 風の散歩道 kaze no sanpomichi

i quite like this shot!

japan, the country of cute 😀 this sign was so cute i couldn’t resist taking a photo of it! “let’s go home when it’s turns to 5 o’clock!” to remind children around the neighbourhood to go home before it gets dark

“if you think you might be in danger, call out in a loud voice!”

i was sweating so much walking towards the museum, the sun was so hot D: it’s a good thing i always bring my umbrella with me

finally!!! <3<3

even the coat of arms on the gates were ghibli-inspired!

hiro looking handsome and happy! by the way, the yellow building behind him, is actually a garage for the staff members and the offices. i think.

at the ticket box window :3

this part can be clearly seen from the outside 😀 i can see lots of people lining up across the bridge and i was wondering why… it turns out that they were lining up so that everyone can take a photo with the emobot (more on that later)

totoro‘s favourite 🙂

this is where you go up the winding stairs/birdcage

the top of the birdcage against the blue, blue sky. was malaysia’s sky ever like this?

the cute emobot (it’s always shuffling around with droopy shoulders hence this nickname) from laputa : castle in the sky!!! <3<3<3 thank god the weather was good. the funny thing is, every person in line turns to the person behind them and asks if they can help with the camera XD it's amusing! step front, turn back, "um, could you help me take a photo?" "sure, no problem" "thank you!" rinse and repeat XD

side view. it has surprisingly flat arms and feet

my favourite shot of the emobot. doesn’t this photo just radiate emo?!

hiro sitting on the laputa cube 😀

look at the line for the ice cream and hot dogs!

this scared the shit out of me because it was totally hidden at first :O

the cafe, which was ALSO full (overpriced food and a long waiting line, why would anyone eat here?)

porco rosso! that’s the menu of the day

that’s where we entered from, at the top of the stairs ❤ i love the stained glass windows and lamps~~

ghibli-inspired weathercock

sootballs from spirited away

the creepiest manhole in the world

one of the stained glass pictures. this one is of the forest god from princess mononoke

*shakes head and rattles*

my favourite stained glass picture ❤ i love this drawing of chihiro on haku in dragon form. i might be a bit biased though because spirited away is my favourite studio ghibli movie EVER

the ceiling with the huge big fan shaped like plane wings and stained glass top

there were too many people wanting to go up that thing that i didn’t get the chance, lol

i zoomed in on the ceiling and found ponyo, lots of ’em

i rather like this one too 😀 from kiki’s delivery service

all in all, it was a wonderful experience… it was great looking at how they made the drawings come to life, and they had on display the raw sketches and drawings of the various movies and character designs, as well as stuff like all the paint tubes, colour pencils and brushes that were used in the production of those movies. it was really amazing, there was a lot of stuff in the museum, in every nook and crany. the only sad part about this museum is that i couldn’t go play on the catbus because it’s only for elementary school children.


i saw this elementary school girl on the way back

i bought a shirt and a stained glass postcard display thingamajig from the souvenir store ❤ there were so many things i wanted to buy but i had to stop and restrain myself and practically ran away from the store ;o;

this is how it looks like when you put it up against the light (or sunlight, for that matter) ❤ isn't it lovely?

finally, a shot of my ticket. we get an original movie cel when we show them our tickets (the paper ones that we buy from lawson). it’s too bad i didn’t get a more interesting one but this in itself is a really great souvenir!


9 Responses to "三鷹の森ジブリ美術館 studio ghibli museum"

Hi, thanks for your blog on the visit to Studio Ghibli! It’s lovely and informative. I am going there in December and this post has been tremendously helpful. Keep up the good work!

you’re welcome! i’m glad it helped you. i hope you enjoy your visit in december 🙂

Hey, was googling for information on Studio Ghibli Museum when i found your website…
i like all the photographs u took..
perhaps u could help me, i was wondering how i buy the tickets to the museum…
as i’ve read a lot of websites that said its actually very difficult to get hold of the tickets…
i hope u could help me…
btw, i live in Malaysia.

once you reach japan you can buy them from any lawson’s convenience store. there’ll be a ticket machine where you can select your preferred date and time. weekdays are basically safe as children will be in school.

Does this mean that i do not need to buy in 1 month advance?
many of the websites say i must buy the tickets 1 months advance…
if that is the case, then i’m really relieved…

I bought my tickets a few days before going. A weekday morning ticket is most likely available since children will be in school

ok… thanks for the info…

I am very jealous! Me and my friend are going to Japan at the end of this year (a while off but still…) and we both cannot wait to go to the museum!
How did you manage to take these amazing photos without getting caught? I want to bring as many photos back to Australia as possible, but I don’t want to get thrown out! T.T

Glad it was a good experience for you!

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. There were actually quite a lot of people taking photos, so as long as you’re discreet and not go overboard I think it should be fine. I took them for my own memories anyway ^o^ Enjoy!

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